Missing dll files

  wotan 14:04 20 Jul 2003

One for the clever people out there.
I am getting the following error messages up when I run Norton Windoctor.
1) "C:\Program Files\Common Files\Installshield\Professional\RunTime\0701\Intel32\DotNetInstaller.Exe" Cannot access necessary file, "mscoree.dll"
2) "C:Program Files\MSPictureIt!PhotoPub\MHPMRG.Exe" cannot access necessary file "mhputilu.dll"
These messages are followed by a warning that some programs may not run correctly or my system may crash when attempting to run these programs.
I have tried re-installing MS Picture It Photo Publishing (which is referred to in the second error message), with no luck, and cannot identify which program the other message refers to.
I am running Win XP home edition on my AMD 2000+ system and up to today I have had no problems or crashes. I have 512mb memory with an 80Gb hard drive, none of which is overloaded,and my programs are running o.k., so any advice as to what may be wrong, and how to fix it would be gratefully received.
Wotan .

  Dazwm 14:06 20 Jul 2003
  Steven135 16:20 20 Jul 2003

I had this message for a long while using windoctor nothing untoward ever happened I just clicked ignore.

  wotan 20:59 20 Jul 2003

Thanks for the input, I am working at present, but will give Dazwm's site a go when I get home in morning. Thanks also to Steven135, I was considering doing that anyway but for now I will tick the box and see how Dazwm's suggestion goes.
Regards and thanks again,

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