Missing .dll ?

  cocteau48 11:02 06 Jan 2007

First thing my system "appears" to running with no problems at the moment.
However when I booted up in safe mode the other day the option shown was to boot either Windows XP Home Edition or Windows(default).
If I choose the Home Edition option I get the message that the following file is either missing or corrupt:
Please reinstall a copy of this file.
Choosing Windows(default) the system boots in safe mode as requested with no problems.
Choosing the Home Edition option ,after getting the above message,the system just reboots in normal mode - again with no problems
The system info tells me that I am running XP Home Edition and as I said at the top everything seems to be OK.
Should I be concerned about this apparent missing .dll file and doing something about it?

  Kingfisher 11:07 06 Jan 2007

go to start run and type "sfc /scannow" note space after sfc before slash, pc will check integrity of system files you will need your xp disk, if that doesn't work google for hal.dll and copy it to folder that you stated in your post
good luck

  @[email protected]!c 11:09 06 Jan 2007

found this click here
lots to try and answers to your problem kind regards akanic

  SLAYER 11:28 06 Jan 2007

try this site

click here

or here

click here

  cocteau48 12:35 06 Jan 2007

Thanks for the lead.
I have run "sfc /scannow" which has not highlighted any errors or problems.
I am also sure that I recollect that a friend has tried to download and replace a hal.dll with disasterous results. A complete reinstall of windows was the only way out - and I am not going down that road!!!

  cocteau48 16:19 06 Jan 2007

May I bring the following thread to your attention:
click here

  p;3 17:11 06 Jan 2007

I will also add to this three things;

first I too at one stage in the horrid past tried to repair something with a .dll file; unfortunately I typed .dll into the url bar ; I then wept as I saw my screan divide between my web page and my computer system literally deleting file after file ; the only way to stop this was to rapidly literally pull the plug ; however, the damage was done and I ended up the machine going back to its builder for an expensive complete reinstall of windows ;

second; if you wish to help someone on a thread it is normal practice to do so ON thread;only if the thread originator asks for it may you yellow envelope them as all discussion needs to be seen


do not accept anything from ANYONE unless you know the person and know that their computer is kept clean

unfortunately ulterior motives sometimes come into things , and computers can be wrecked

  skidzy 18:28 06 Jan 2007

hal.dll direct download click here

  cocteau48 19:05 06 Jan 2007

Thanks skidzy.
I have already had a look at that download and it is dated 2002 and is 96KB.The one in my system32 folder is dated 2004 and is 129KB. I think that is where my mate got it all wrong when he substituted one for t'other. An instruction to re-install windows!!!
I really do think that as everything appears to be working OK and that "sfc /scannow" highlighted nothing I am just going to leave well alone until something manifests itself.

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