Missing Data

  jack 08:58 27 May 2005

In preration for a slide presentation- I have been given a CD with the images the lecturer wishes to use, so that the material can be color corrected/cropped/resized etc. ready for the show.

Having done this I though it would be a good idea if I burned this 'show ready' folder onto the original
disk. which I did.
The idea being that he would have a folder of originals and a folder of 'Show Ready'.

When I looked at the modified disk to my horror I found the 'show ready' folder there with its contents - but the original has disappeared.

This is a CD-R, to nothing should be deleted or overwritten.

What you think has happened?

  BurrWalnut 09:37 27 May 2005

I think you'll find that if the same names are used the originals will be overwritten.

You can have duplicate names but they must be in different folders, e.g. Original and Show. You need to get hold of a copy of the originals.

  jack 17:44 27 May 2005

Thank you BW
The Images supplied are/were in a named folder
The revised versions are also in their own folder with a new name.
I should have wound up with 2 folders on the disk.
Instead I have only the 'revised folder'.

  Diemmess 18:05 27 May 2005

It is possible (when adding to a CD) not to include whatever is already on there! This is fine if the new data updates the old but tragic if it simply ignores all the old files and while adding the new ones effectively deletes the original "burn"

The original folder is still there, can not be over-written without a re-writable arrangement, but the file table no longer lists the original folder.

There is software which can recover this situation but I'm afraid I don't know the source. Perhaps someone else can help.

  jack 19:50 27 May 2005

Thank you Diemess you have given me a clue
I think I have such a program

I will come back to this shortly.

  Pedro Campos 20:16 27 May 2005

I'am baffled at how you actually managed to write data on to a CD-R as this kind of media you can only write once and it cannot be re-written. Are you sure its a CD-R? Because if it is a CD-RW you can re-write but it will overwrite what was there before...

  jack 20:42 27 May 2005

Pedro Campas
Your information is faulty
A CD-R can be written to continousely until it is full, providing it is not finalized at the last burn session.

Diemmess [Is there a pun on Dire Mess?]
That clue was CD Data rescue. a free download for a trial version £15 unlocks it.

I applied it and guess what happened?
The original burn reappeared and the my revised folder went away.
Well at least I am back to square 2
The original disk and two folders in My Pictures.
This time I will create a new disk.

  Diemmess 09:31 28 May 2005

You have sussed my deep subconscious. Dire Mess!......... I should have known.!.........I would have preferred my initials DMS, but you know how difficult it can be to find a member name that is not already taken.

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