missing coursework, error in m$ word 2000 :-(

  Andy 999 16:08 14 Jun 2003

hi everyone,

I have a problem again. I was finishing my coursework today as it had to be in on Monday but when i tried saving it when i was doing my last few paragraphs an error came up saying i was having bad network problems and it couldnt save.So i clicked cancel and before i had time to save it under a new name another error came up and it said that has bead network problems and then m$ word shut down. I cant find my document in My documents and any recovered documents even though i had saved the file before. Is my data deleted or can i still find it?

  caast ©? 16:15 14 Jun 2003

Have you done a start/find/files folders
doc*.* wild cards may help you locate or try a recovery tool plenty free one on the net that may help just make sure you don't write anything unnecessary to hard drive before.

  Jester2K II 16:17 14 Jun 2003

click here

Might be able to find part of it??

  Andybear 16:25 14 Jun 2003

I remember the good old days when all coursework had to be handwritten. Oh those halcyon days .....

  Andy 999 16:28 14 Jun 2003

How can i use it to help me restore my file? btw i have that hidden file that has part of the file name and then a few symbols if u know what i mean. The kind of event log when u save a file

  Jester2K II 16:29 14 Jun 2003

Try copying that file then renaming it back to New filename.doc they try and open it.

  Andy 999 16:45 14 Jun 2003

Ok, ive found the file but its in some kind of computer code. How can i assemble the code into a form so it becomes my coursework lol?

Thanks for the program aswell

  Jester2K II 16:49 14 Jun 2003

Maybe that way won't work. Sure i did something simalar once with lotus!!!

  Bodi 17:00 14 Jun 2003

this suggestion will be of any help - er probably not - but........

Someone I know lost her work files (Word 2000/Windows 98SE) when Word crashed on her. I found her files in the Windows Temp folder, renamed them with a .doc extension and saved them to floppy disks. I was then able to load them back into Word - with a few hiccups. Some data had been lost, but most of it was retrieved.

I think the file you have found has all the Word formatting coding showing. If you go through - and it takes absolutely ages! - you may be able to manage to retrieve the text which is mingled with the coding (if its there!) I just copied and pasted the text bit by bit into notepad, then when it was disentangled and complete - saved it. Then copied the text and pasted into a new Word document.

Hope this helps.


  Andy 999 19:02 14 Jun 2003

No, unfortunately i cant seperate the text from the document as theirs about 1500 pages and i had graphs and tables in it. Would i be able to encode it so i can use it again?

  recap 20:23 14 Jun 2003

Andy 999, This may not be the case with your lost data but try "selecting all" paste it into a new doc and converting it back to the font type you originally used. It sound as if the recovered data is in something like wingdings.

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