Missing COA Sticker - Acer Aspire

  onthelimit1 09:34 09 Nov 2012

Windows 7 laptop. Failed HDD, no recovery discs and sticker rubbed. Assume I will have to buy a key. Have Googled, but would prefer personal recommendation as to where to buy a genuine key at a sensible price. Thanks

  Nontek 10:19 09 Nov 2012

Try phoning Microsoft in Reading (assuming you are in UK) ... 0844 800 2400.

  lotvic 11:10 09 Nov 2012

If you know anyone with Acer laptop you should be able to use their disc as it'll have the same oem slp key - the factory pre-activated mass install - does not require you to input a key - it checks its unattended install key with code in bios (that is not the unique key that is on each sticker, which when used needs input and phone activation) Google for oem slp key

You can download and burn an official MS W7 iso from links on heidoc.net

  onthelimit1 11:48 09 Nov 2012

Tried the HDD in a caddy, that's how I know it's defunct. I would hesitate to recommend W8 to anyone at the moment.

Thanks for the phone number Lotvic. Sadly, no one seems to bother to burn recovery discs. I have a W7 disc (several in fact), but guess that that won't work with the key in your link?

  onthelimit1 11:49 09 Nov 2012

Sorry - not keys in your link, but keys that Google has pointed to.

  onthelimit1 12:05 09 Nov 2012

No - can't get access to the drive at all. Even when trying a repair with W7 disc, it reaches a certain point and then all disc activity stops. In a caddy, it shows as a main partition and the recovery one, but can't get any further.

  lotvic 12:07 09 Nov 2012

No, oem slp keys are tied to the manufacturers bios (anti-piracy). Perhaps you could persuade others to burn the discs, before they end up in same boat as you? (or add suici to the end of my previous search term, you could have a go at making one)

  lotvic 12:13 09 Nov 2012

If you could copy the recovery partition to 2nd partition on a new harddrive you could then mark it active and it should boot into the recovery process (menu) to install the image. Might not work but worth a shot.

  onthelimit1 13:22 09 Nov 2012

Thanks for the tips which I'll try later. Laptop way out of warranty.

Tried to launch the recovery (Alt - F10) yesterday - seemed to be working, then stalled at the same point as all the other attempts, so not sure copying the partition across will work, but will give it a go..

  onthelimit1 15:24 09 Nov 2012

Was able to run chkdsk with the drive in the caddy, but it failed to correct problems, so the drive is duff. Could see the recovery partition, but not the contents and could not copy it across. Looking more like a new copy of W7 will be needed, just to get the COA!

  Secret-Squirrel 16:34 09 Nov 2012

onthelimit1, when you get a replacement drive fitted, you may want to try here and order the genuine Acer recovery media for your customer's laptop. At least that way you'll get a legitimate version of Windows and it'll install all the necessary drivers and original applications (such as Office Starter 2010 if it was pre-loaded). Unfortunately the link is for the US Acer site but it may work just fine after you enter the laptop's serial number.

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