Missing CD drive Win 98

  toogie 18:36 01 Jul 2005

I am currently tearing my hair out with a similar problem to others I have seen in this forum. I have lost all reference to my CD drive in my Windows 98 system. No reference in Device manager or My Computer. I have checked connections and they seem OK. The motor pulls the tray in and out and the "Disk In" green light works.
I have a yellow ! alongside Secondary IDE controller (dual fifo) in Device Manager. Is this related ?
I also have the problem of my W98 not shutting down correctly (I have been through troubleshooter to no avail) and each time I reboot the PC carries out Disk scan. Is this related ?
How do I recover the drive and shut down properly.
I was going to use the drive to reload W98 for problem 2 but now can't. Any help greatly appreciated.

  Klof Ron 18:41 01 Jul 2005

In device manager, delete the secondary IDE controller, reboot to allow Win98 to re-install the drivers for it. this should resolve the missing CD Drive.

  woodchip 18:49 01 Jul 2005

Do this at Computer boot, go into Setup i.e. BIOS. see if the CD drive is recognised. it sound like you have a Dead Ribbon cable to the drive. You could try wiggling the plugs

  toogie 20:40 01 Jul 2005

Thanks for the advice but I am lost when I go into the BIOS. Are you able to lead me through the sequence. I cannot find ref to my CD ROM. Info. I have two hard drives.

  woodchip 20:55 01 Jul 2005

When computer starts you should see on screen Press key to enter setup where key coul be del for delete key. it may be something else but try del first. keep tapping as it boots. if bios comes up. you do not have a mouse so you use arrow keys, enter to open a page escape key to close. a page up page down changes settings on what you select. it's nothing to be afraid of. no changes are made until you exit bios and save changes. when making changes as a learner, only make one change and write down what setting you changed then if it does not work right go back and restore what you changed.

for drives these are found on first page, you should see your hard drive settings and any cd drives

  toogie 21:02 01 Jul 2005

I see Primary Master, Pri....Slave, Secondary Master, Sec.....Slave, Drive A, Drive B None, but no ref to CD ? this is in CMOS.

  woodchip 21:12 01 Jul 2005

then bios is seeing your cd drives the are just showing different.

Try this in Windows, as there may be some corrupt files. Put your Win98 disc in computer, a restore disc will not work with this it has to be full os disc,stop the disc running i.e. close at top right in window. now go to start\run type SFC and press enter then run the program

  Klof Ron 21:43 01 Jul 2005

If woodchips advice does not help try this

Goto start/run and type sysedit

Bring to the front the config.sys file by clicking on it's title bar

Look for an entry that says Last Drive = Z

If it's there close and exit out, but if it's not type it in, save the file and reboot.

This is not strictly required in the config.sys file, as Windows should always see your drives, but it sometimes helps to resolve problems like these.

  toogie 22:12 01 Jul 2005

Still no joy. It's certainly hiding well. Also Woodchips last help did not work because I could not access the W98 disk.

  woodchip 22:20 01 Jul 2005

Try this go back into BIOS you will see a page that gives boot from as first boot device. It will more than likely be set to Floppy as first boot device, change this to CD ROM save and exit BIOS. Start with 98 CD in drive it should boot if the computer is not too old and if the CD drive is OK. This will run Win98 setup. It will not remove your files but may just repair the Operating System so the drive can be seen

  toogie 22:57 01 Jul 2005

but...no joy.
One last question..when the advice was " In device manager, delete the secondary IDE controller, reboot to allow Win98 to re-install the drivers for it. this should resolve the missing CD Drive."
I was not able to do this unless I also removed the "multifunctional parent" ie Is it ok to remove VIA Bus Master PCI IDE Controller ?

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