Missing AM.EXE file

  rabadubdub 14:37 21 Apr 2003

Message on startup of Win98, encountered by a friend.

I've done a search on Google and found several references, and downloaded a couple. Segobit file is for ActionsMonitor - a utility that records every keystroke.. possibly useful but probably not necessary; another from Mihov.. ASCII Master - which gives the ASCII value for any keystroke.. again possibly of use but not essential. There were also others, such as one for Amplitude Modulation.. clearly not that.

So does anyone know of this, is there an essential file of that name? I've suggested he have a hunt for it in his log files to see where it is being called from but no success so far.

He has tried to Fdisk but gets message saying drive is locked and cannot run Fdisk... making fresh install of OS difficult.

Thanksfor any info/help offered.
Will check back later, must go out now.


  rabadubdub 02:06 22 Apr 2003

I've finally found one reference to a file in the MS KnowledgeBase: AM.EXE is a file on MS-DOS 6.22 Supplementary disk which contains utilities not packaged with DOS 6.22

That may be it but, if anyone knows better I'd be glad to hear it.

Still to get to bottom of locked disk preventing Fdisk operation. Any knowledge gratefully listened to.

Regards, Rab

  MAJ 02:20 22 Apr 2003

AM.exe sounds like a bit of spyware, download, install, update and run:

Adaware6: click here

SpywareBlaster: click here

Spybot Search and Destroy: click here

Also take a look in msconfig and your startup folder, see is there any reference in there to AM.exe, if there is, untick it in msconfig and/or remove it from the startup folder.

Could you elaborate on the fdisk thing, rabadubdub?

  AndySD 02:25 22 Apr 2003

The problem here is that you are trying to run FDISK either from under Windows, or on the hard drive containing the partitions you want to delete. The key thing to remember is that FDISK cannot delete the partition on which it is running (it is like trying to lift up a floor tile that you are standing on!). The only way around this problem is to simply run FDISK from a boot disk. That way there should be no problems (make sure you have both FDISK.exe and format.com on your boot disk though, as you cannot use a partition unless it is formatted.

Is this the guy with the Scanner Problem as it may be related. click here

  rabadubdub 02:59 22 Apr 2003

Yes it's they same as the scanner prob. Dealt with that apparently via msconfig and unchecking. The scanner needs a SCSI to run which isn't installed at the moment though he does have it. He can always add it later once OS is up and running.

I won't hear from him till tomorrow (later Tues) to see if he found references in his INI files or elsewhere to the specific am.exe the message refers to.

Maj.. When trying to Fdisk, message says - cannot Fdisk as HDD is locked. No further explanation. I think AndySD is right, and using Fdisk from boot floppy is probable answer to that.

The link to that AM.EXE download is for XP, so I don't think that would be the answer as its a Win98 and XP hasn't been used on it. A few years old.

Thanks for the suggestions.


  rabadubdub 14:08 05 May 2003

I got hold of him again (2 kids to keep him distracted from the PC) and problem solved.

A correction first: I should have said the HDisk was failing to lock - not was locked. Sorry, my fault.

As suggested, he used a boot floppy and then "Fdisk /s /q" for a quick format (including System files obviously); and reloaded the O/S without a problem.

Though the issue of getting the system running is resolved, it dispensed with the missing am.exe problem so, still don't know what the definitive(?) am.exe file is. If there is such a thing.

Thanks for all your help, and patience.


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