Missing 39 gigs from 80 gig hard drive

  Fermat's Theorem 13:38 22 Nov 2012

Hello, Advisors! I am trying to locate a missing 39 gig on an 80 gig hard drive. • Sony Vaoi Laptop, 80 gig hard drive, Vista Premium • Running Office 2007 Home and Student version, IE, Firefox and Chrome browsers, Itunes with 2 gigs of songs • Norton 360, Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, Ccleaner. Norton 360 reported that there was not enough room on the disk for updates – on checking found less than 1 gig left unused. Ran Ccleaner to clear temporary files etc and uninstalled a few incidental programs (like my phone software) to bring my unused space to 2.4 gigs. Installed “Tree size” to see what was actually filling up the hard drive – it reported that 39 gigs was being used by Norton Program Data. I “viewed hidden folders”, but Norton Program Data held only a few hundred megs! Ran Malwarebytes program with a “quick scan”– it did mention the “fauxvirus\carney-ride.exe” virus in its search but it found nothing suspicious. Re-ran the program in Safe Mode as an Administrator – still nothing suspicious. Downloaded and ran the Norton Power Eraser – found nothing. The machine, while slow, is showing no other symptoms. The question is “Where is the 39 gigs allegedly being used by Norton Program Data, and how do I recover it? Thank you for reading this.

  onthelimit1 14:11 22 Nov 2012

If 'twas me, I'd uninstall Norton using their own tool, then install a fresh copy.

  Fermat's Theorem 14:27 22 Nov 2012

That is certainly an option, but the 39 gigs are not showing in the NortonProgram Data on my machine. Thanks for your interest.

  onthelimit1 14:30 22 Nov 2012

'it reported that 39 gigs was being used by Norton Program Data

May be hidden - you never know with Norton!

  Fermat's Theorem 14:48 22 Nov 2012

You're perfectly right to be suspicious of Norton, and I will uninstall it tonight if there are no other forthcoming suggestions. Once again, thanks for your interest :-)

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:12 22 Nov 2012

copy the norton power data folder to another location

delete the original folder

copy the folder back to its original place

see if that makes a difference.

  Fermat's Theorem 15:19 22 Nov 2012

Excellent suggestion, Fruit Bat ^0^. I'm away from that machine atr the moment, but will see if it works tonight. Thank you.

  Secret-Squirrel 16:53 22 Nov 2012

" I am trying to locate a missing 39 gig on an 80 gig hard drive. • Sony Vaoi Laptop"

This is probably a bit of a long-shot but worth mentioning anyway. All the older Vaios I've seen have their hard drive partitioned in two. You can check by clicking Start then Computer and seeing how many drives are listed in the "Hard Disk Drives" section. That just may explain where your missing 39GB is.

  Fermat's Theorem 17:08 22 Nov 2012

Thanks, Secret-Squirrel. That was one of the first things I checked. It is a non-partitioned C: drive - just the one! Thank you very much for your input :-)

  Fermat's Theorem 23:25 22 Nov 2012

Problem solved! Following the advice given, I copies over the Norton Program Data Folder (apparent size 300 megs) to an external hard drive. The transfer took almost two hours, so I knew something was afoot. It spent most of its time transferring "199 files size 0, 0 seconds remaining". When the transfer was finished the external drive had an extra 42 gigs on it! So I deleted the Program Data folder, and recovered the missing 39 gigs. I downloaded the Norton Uninstaller and uninstalled Norton 360 completely, and then reinstalled it. The program takes up about 3 gigs - fine, but I'll be keeping a close eye from now on its capacity to eat up the hard disc! Many thanks to all who read this, and especially to those who were kind enough to send suggestions.

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