Misplaced instructions manual when moved

  Juliesteele75 22:07 30 Apr 2018

I purchased a 8ft by 11ft shed 2 years ago and have recently moved and had to take shed down and have misplaced the instruction manual , could I please request some instructions To put shed back up , many thanks

  lotvic 22:21 30 Apr 2018

which one is it? pics 8ft by 11ft shed click here

  bumpkin 20:09 01 May 2018

Very droll lotvic :-)) my kind of thing.

  lotvic 14:29 02 May 2018

bumpkin, I thank you

  Forum Editor 18:01 02 May 2018

You dismantled it - surely you can just reverse the process?

Nearly all sheds are made in the same way - two long walls, one plain end, one end with a door, and two roof panels (Sometimes the door is in one of the long walls.

The floor goes down first, on a flat base (ideally concrete). It helps to provide a waterproof material between the floor bearers and the base - strips of 100mm plastic damp-proof membrane are ideal, buy it on a roll from any builders merchants.

Then get someone to help you. Erect one long wall and one end, and fix them together using screws or bolts. Then do the same with the other long wall and end. You should now have your shed standing on its base, minus its roof.

With one person inside and one outside, lift the first roof panel into place (If its a pitched roof). Do the same with the second panel, and fix them together at the ridge. If your shed has a flat roof you will probably have one or two roof panels. I'll proceed as if it's a pitched roof, but the methodology is much the same.

Now fix the lower edges of the panels by screwing down through them into the top bearer which runs along the sides.

Finally, screw down through the bottom rail of the sides and ends into the floor panel.

Get some new roofing felt from a builders merchant/B&Q/Homebase and tack it to the roof. Roll out a length along the bottom of one side of the roof, leaving a few inches overhang. tack it down along its top edge with 12mm galvanised clout nails - sometimes called felting nails.

Do the same thing on the other side.

Apply two more lengths, overlapping the top edge of the first lengths by 50mm and tack along the top and bottom edges.

Finally, roll out a length along the apex of the roof. allowing an equal amount to fall onto each side. Tack it carefully into place, making sure you don't damage the part that covers the apex.

Fold the edges down at the bottom of the panels, and tack along the whole edge, leaving a small amount hanging down to act as a rain drip. Neaten up the corners and other details by folding as necessary, tack into place, and trim off any excess.

Fill up your shed with the usual collection of stuff, and come back here to tell us it's all done.

  is_it_tennant 13:53 22 May 2018

Well, I do think that shed has the model name or something, and if so there will be a scan of the manual to it online. Have you tried to google it? Or did you find the manual PDF but it's corrupted? In that case, you shall fix this file by compressing it via some tools, this one e.g. 1">[click here Can't claim that it will work with every document and with this one of yours as well, but it worked out well for me with backing up the old job papers

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