Misleading popup messages.

  Meshuga 20:25 09 Aug 2003

While either downloading or browsing I sometimes get a popup message telling me that there was a timeout or that the server had terminated me connection. This is not so because the 2 little
screens in the bottom right in the system tray
continue to flash and right clicking on them and
then clicking on the status symbol tells me I am connected. I click on the message and it goes away and I continue browsing etc. Anybody know how to stop this happening please. I am using WIN
ME. Meshuga.

  User-312386 21:30 09 Aug 2003

it could have been terminated at the other end and not your end

  Meshuga 21:37 09 Aug 2003

Madboy33. The point is that, as I said, nothing was terminated because I continued with what I was doing and got replies so the connection was maintained. Thanks for your reply. Meshuga.

  User-312386 22:01 09 Aug 2003

oh i see

sorry missed the point there

go to Tools>internet options>connections tab and then look under settings

I think there is something there although i have BB and cant look under settings as i do not have a modem setup to check for you

  DieSse 01:10 10 Aug 2003

Are you sure it wasn't just an automatic background mail check - or perhaps a virus update check, or even a Windows update check. Even pop-up ads and ad servers can cause a server timeout.

Any one of these could take place without you being specifically aware - then if a real timeout did occur, all you would see is the message, and closing the message would have no effect on your foreground activities.

Look at the detail of the message, and you may get a clue as to what.

  Meshuga 08:10 10 Aug 2003

Hi Madboy33,have done as U suggested and found that the "Automatically detect settings" box was enabled and it said that it could override the manual settings so I have disabled it and I`ll
see if that has any effect.
Hi DieSse, I do have a number of progs which auto check without me knowing.If it happens again I`ll
examine the message more carefully to see if there is a clue. I`ll leave the post open for a while to see if it`s resolved. Thanks to all who replied. Regards, Meshuga.

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