Misbehaving Surge Protector?

  canute44 21:55 29 Nov 2003

We have a Compaq PC on Windows XP. Along with the monitor and HP printer it is connected to the mains supply through a Belkin Surge Protector. Having closed down for the night in the proper way, we always switch appliances off at the wall socket but recently the action of switching off the wall switch has resulted in the house mains trip switch being activated. This does not happen on every occasion. Has anyone else had this problem, is it the surge protector? I have replaced it with a normal extension lead to see if it still happens.

  Jester2K II 22:02 29 Nov 2003

"recently the action of switching off the wall switch has resulted in the house mains trip switch being activated"

I've been having some electrical problem relating to an outside light tripping the house circuit breakers even when its not on! (LONG story)

During my discussions of what it might be / might not be (cos both myself and the sparks are stumped) they explained that a house circuit breaker measures the "up" current and the "down" current and trips when theres a difference. This can also be caused by an old / worn switch. If one contact in the switch touches first then the circuit breaker will trip.

Try a different wall socket or replace the wall socket and see if thats helps...

  canute44 22:13 29 Nov 2003

Thanks for that but its a double socket and I have tried changing over to the second socket - same problem. Other appliances seem to be OK in the sockets, this is what makes me think its the surge protector. The protector has a trip switch of its own but that does not trip. Odd. Any other thoughts?

  Jester2K II 22:17 29 Nov 2003

Try the Surge Protector in other sockets round the house with a lamp plugged in. If it trips in these its a faulty Surge Protector.

Does the SP have a power switch on it?

What if you switch that off first?

  canute44 15:09 30 Nov 2003

Have just found your posting. The SP has no power switch on it but it has a switch marked Protected/Earthed, I have assumed that it is a trip switch. I will certainly try the SP in other sockets as you suggest but it must wait until tomorrow for various reasons. I'll let you know the result of testing with the "trip" in each position. Thanks.

  Trackrat 15:50 30 Nov 2003

Send an E-Mail of to Belkin as they give a lifetime gurantee with their products. Explain what is happening and they will do their best to help you.click here

  Trackrat 15:57 30 Nov 2003

you can also take a look at this link click here

  canute44 17:08 03 Dec 2003

I have now carried out my tests on the surge protector and have come to no conclusion at all!! The thing works fine on other sockets and equipment and the PC etc is working fine on a four gang trailing socket in the original wall socket! A mystery as to what was wrong! So it looks as if I just carry on without surge protection as I have done for years before this. Ah well, such is life!? Thanks to all for their input.

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