Mirrored Raid: How can I use unallocated space?

  David-393449 22:26 05 Dec 2005


I have a system built around a MSI mobo with built-in RAID set up for mirroring. Originally the drives were 40 GB, but I have since replaced both drive with 100 GB drives. Everything works fine, but I would like to use the unallocated space.

The drive recover utility recognizes that both drives are 100 GB, but I don't have the option to allocate it. FDISK only sees 40 GB.

I have Partition Magic 8.0 but have never gotten it to work (endless error messages.) Is there an easy way to d what I want to do short of blowing everything away and starting over?

Thanks ... dave

  ade.h 23:02 05 Dec 2005

You did re-install Windows on the new drives right?

I've been using RAID for a long time but have never heard of this happening.

  ade.h 23:04 05 Dec 2005

Can you backtrack a bit and tell us why you're using a drive recovery utility? And why do you need Fdisk? The XP CD will do all the formatting for you if you have not yet installed Windows to the new drives.

  ade.h 23:07 05 Dec 2005

If Windows is already installed and you are using Disk Management to look at the partitions, then the unallocated space will have to be made into a new partition if Partition Magic isn't working. (I'm wondering why it's not working though; that seems odd in itself.)

  David-393449 21:49 06 Dec 2005

Thanks for the feedback. The answers, I think are:

1) I have never reinstalled Windows after rebuilding the array. There has been no need to as the RAID recovery routine has rebuilt both drives sucessfully. Unfortunately, it seems to want to rebuild them as 40 gigs, rather than 100 gigs.

2) Partition Magic has been problematic for me. It works fne on some systems, but either doesn't work or is Magically Malicious on others.

3) The system runs '98Se, not XP. Unfortunately on this particular machine I'm stuck with FAT 32, and '98.

4) As to Fdisk... I was hoping that it would see the slack space, and allow me to use it as a new partition. No joy.

Wiping and rebuilding the drives is a possibility, but there has to be an easier way. This particular machine has been rock solid, and I'm trying not to tamper with success.


  ade.h 22:23 06 Dec 2005

Once Windows has been installed, you would normally use Disk Management to activate unallocated space. Trouble is, I don't know whether 98 has this invaluable feature. I've used XP since it was launched, so my memory of the old 9x operating systems is hazy! Perhaps a 9x expert could enlighten us both.

Long shot: I wonder if version 7 of PM might work happily? That's not to say that ver.8 is not good with win98 - I have no experience of that combination, as I've only recently started using PM - but it could be worth a go and wouldn't cost anything as you can find free issues of ver.7 on cover CDs every so often.

  ade.h 22:48 06 Dec 2005

Bela has made a good point that I forgot to make when I was posting! Thanks for mentioning it.

  David-393449 21:31 08 Dec 2005

"The Raid has recovered the array thinking two new Physical 40GB HDD were installed Thus creating a 40Gb Raid 1 Logical Drive. You need to rebuild the Array and specify that 2 100GB Drives are now being used."

Yep... I was afraid that would be the answer. '98 disk management tools aren't nearly as good as Xp's.

Thanks for your input. I think the future is clear... dave

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