Mirror C: onto Backup Disk

  benosc 12:12 01 Jan 2017


Because I have some bad sectors on my main drive which has affected the operating system I need to replace the HD with a new one.

I want to be able to re-install Windows 7 onto my backup Hard Disk and then copy everything except Windows operating system from the main drive C: to the backup drive and then rename the backup drive C:

Is this possible? Is there any free software out there that will make the job easier for me or will I have to transfer everything bit by bit.

If I can, when I have done it how do I go about renaming the backup drive to C: and it be recognised by the computer as such. I assume I will be able to do that in the BIOS?

Or is there an easier way to achieve the same end result?

Any help appreciated

  Burn-it 15:36 01 Jan 2017

Most disk manufacturers supply such software with their disks. It may actually be easier to clone the old disk to the new first and then re-install the OS. That will make it easier for the OS to pick up the existing associations.

  benosc 16:14 01 Jan 2017

Hi Burn-it Thanks for your reply. Interesting comment. The new Disk was a Western Digital and it had no such software when I bought it.

I don't want to appear thick (don't answer that!) but how do I "clone" the old Disk? Will I need special software for this?

And are you suggesting that I re-install the OS to the new Disc as I would not want to use the old disk again and if so, when I have done that any suggestions as to how I rename the new disk as C:


  BRYNIT 16:19 01 Jan 2017

This should help with cloning your hard drive CLICK HERE

  Burn-it 16:37 01 Jan 2017

I always thought Western Digital supplied a modified True Image - (but it has been a while since I bought one)

Yes clone the old to the new, remove the old,and reboot to the new. Then re-install the OS to the new. That way you should be able to do it without actually running anything from the damaged disk. You must remove the old disk temporarily when you first boot to the new after the clone or Windows will get confused.

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