Mirror 4X DVD-R

  Ive 11:45 09 Jul 2004

Has anyone used this brand and if so how do you rate them.

  SirGalahad2004 11:50 09 Jul 2004

never used them, i always use Ritek- Go4 , never had a coaster yet . would reckomend them to anyone

  Ive 12:01 09 Jul 2004

Still would like to find out about the mirror discs though.

  Ive 21:09 09 Jul 2004

Still would like to find out about the mirror discs though.

  Ive 19:20 11 Jul 2004

Do you get your discs from SVP and if so what
(DV----)number do you order.

  siouxah1 19:49 11 Jul 2004

Don't have personal knowledge. Always use ritek.

For review of mirror media have a look here.

click here

Can't vouch for accuracy.

Brian j

  siouxah1 20:03 11 Jul 2004

Incidentally this is the code I purchase from SVP.

{DV 3071/25} Ritek Inkjet Printable A Grade (4x) DVD-R in Pack of 25

No problems in lite on writer or Panasonic DVD recorder standalone.

Plays on most DVD standalone players. But you should test first.

Brian j.

  dazzling (work) 20:06 11 Jul 2004

i use the new datawrite yellows with the ritek go4 dye.never heard of anyone having a problem with any of the go4 dye disks.darren

  Ive 20:11 11 Jul 2004

Whats the difference with go5 dye?

  Ive 20:20 11 Jul 2004

Is it better than go4?

  dazzling (work) 20:25 11 Jul 2004

go5 is the 8 speed dye.if you have an 8 speed burner it will burn at 8 speed thats about it.darren

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