Mirascan driver

  pppc 00:56 21 Sep 2005

Having changed to XP from W98 my serial scanner has stopped working. I assume that the driver is not up to Windows XP. How do I go about getting the driver updated???

Or is my assumption wrong and I have some other problem???

Peter C

  MAJ 01:25 21 Sep 2005

Post the model of scanner and someone might be able to locate a driver for you, pppc.

  AVIDA 05:30 21 Sep 2005

my scanner is a Acerslim s2w 4300u these were taken over by Benq. their drivers work fine upto but not inc. Winxp, at least for my scanner. you can find their drivers etc on their web site the scanner drivers are all Mirascan. click here

  wolfie3000 05:37 21 Sep 2005

this is the driver you need click here
Hope it helps

  wolfie3000 05:38 21 Sep 2005

or this might help click here

  pppc 08:18 21 Sep 2005


That looked like the right driver but when I came to install it is USB only. Can I get a serial version or do I need a new scanner???

Many thanks for your help


  MAJ 09:06 21 Sep 2005

While you're waiting on Woolfie3000, pppc, I'm sure he'll be back shortly, let us know the model of your scanner. By the look of those downloads it might be a 4300U, but that's only a guess, because you haven't told us yet. While you're telling us, take a look on the CD that came with the scanner, see if there are Windows 2000 drivers on that CD, they might work under XP.

  jack 11:44 21 Sep 2005

Many scanner models of the 98 era did not transpose to NTFS.[Some were dual]
Mustek for Bear Paw series for example [and some Packard-Bell the same models rebadged]
Although Mustek did offer a conversion software -sent out in 11 -1megabyte chunks - of program and a package of DLL's- but it did not work.
This is because this is not simply a driver issue as I understand it.
Scanners have a 'processor' too that controls the scan/tracking/resolution and the like and rely on commands from the computer via the driver.
98 era scanners need DOS commands. XP computers send NTFS commands, Result --NIX
New Scanner for Christmas then!

  pppc 15:33 21 Sep 2005

Whilst waiting I uninstalled and re-installed both MiraScan and Copier and both now work, somewhat clunkily (frequent freezes and illegals). But I can get what I need to do done, and I have ordered a new USB, XP-ready scanner.

Many thanks for all the help.


  wolfie3000 00:12 23 Sep 2005

sorry i didnt get back to you pppc I hope the new scanner works better than the mirascan.

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