Minor problems after re-installing XP Home

  bukkaz 23:36 17 Mar 2005

After having to format and re-install XP (my fault and not the computer or anything else) have got most things running ok but have 2 minor problems.
When scrolling, use Firefox browser, the screen looks sort of wavy which it certainly never used to.
The other one is keyboard is set up American way by look of it and I can't remember how to re-configure it.
Thanks for any help.

  EdFrench 23:46 17 Mar 2005

You have not re-installed you graphics drivers.

  pj1664 23:52 17 Mar 2005

Bukkaz,I have never used firefox so I can't help you there but your keyboard language configuration can be adjusted by going to control panel,date time and regional and language setting,go to regional and language setting and there you willl be able to do the necessary adjustments. Hope this helps.

  EdFrench 23:53 17 Mar 2005

And you did not take enough notice of the dialogue boxes that were presented to you during the installation. :¬)
When the first set of dialogue boxes presented on the setup (Of winxp) there are FOUR actions to carry out to get the regional settings for keyboard and currency etc. set to your location. This is where you can dump the US keyboard settings too. Then, at the end when your OS has been successfully run, you can close down the language bar forever.

GO to Control Panel > Keyboards

ADD (You may need your disk - Or not)

Choose English - British

Remove the US one.

You should now be set to go

  Completealias 23:54 17 Mar 2005

Control panel regional and language options languages tab then press details add english uk and then set that as the default input language. You can then remove the us english if u wish

  Zaphod Beeblebrox 23:56 17 Mar 2005

to change keyboard settings click start then control panel

select regional and language options

select language tab at top click the details button
then selct the keyboard language from the drop down menu click apply then ok

this should kick in when you reboot

  EdFrench 00:01 18 Mar 2005

How's the probability drive working out?

  bukkaz 00:22 18 Mar 2005

As usual come on here after tearing my hair out after having to re-install and reformat a few times, because of my own stupidity and mind going a blank and some helpful people take the time out to quickly resolve problems.
One of the best sites on the web.
Thanks everybody,

  EdFrench 00:45 18 Mar 2005

The 'Sort of wave' you described is not in actuality a 'wave'.
it is the result of the Windows generic display driver producing a 'delay' when re-drawing the screen data. This is fixed by using the correct drivers for your graphics adaptor.

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