Minor Problem with viewing java

  Blues Brothers 14:36 24 Jun 2006


When i open up a web page that has java on it such as buttons etc and drag my mouse over it i can see the box the button is placed in. Once i click on the box the java is then active and i can then click the button to follow its link. Is this a settings problem ? I am using Sun Java 2 standard edition.

Version 1.5.0 (build 1.5.0_06-b05)


  johndrew 15:43 24 Jun 2006

What browser are you using?

If you have Firefox with the `NoScript` add-in then you need to permit scripts for some pages. If you have a red `S` in a red circle with a diagonal red line through it, click it and `Temporarily` allow the page.

When you have finished with the site you can repeat the operation and `Forbid` the site again.

  ade.h 15:50 24 Jun 2006

Are you talking about Java content or javascript (small j)? Related name, but two different things.

If you do have Firefox with NoScript, you will see in its options that it can also block Java content, as well as Flash and Shockwave.

If you are not using Firefox, then you need to look *either* at your browser's script permissions *or* whether you have Sun Java Console installed.

Judging by your description, you are referring to javascript.

  Blues Brothers 20:23 24 Jun 2006

I'm using ie6 as my browser. I believe the menu's / buttons are Java content.
I have Java console installed which brings up a Java(TM)2 Platform Icon in the system tray when i open a web page with Java content.

  ade.h 20:55 24 Jun 2006

Menus and buttons are controlled by javascript, not Java. (See the Webdesign forum!) Java is for rich content, certain types of multimedia, etc. The two are not related in this context, despite the similar name. Therefore your issue is indeed related to script permissions, as I suspected. Loosen up your browser's script permissions - can't give specifics though: I have not used IE since Mozilla's products first appeared!

  ade.h 20:56 24 Jun 2006

It would help a lot if you would provide a link to an affected website as well.

  Blues Brothers 22:07 24 Jun 2006

I've had a look at script permissions and can't see anything that may be causing the problem ( not totally sure what i should be looking for though tbh).
Here is an example of the kind of menu i am talking about.

click here

When i move my move over the menu it highlights the complete box and i get a message saying "click to activate and use this control" I do as it asks and it all works fine.

  ade.h 22:34 24 Jun 2006

Yes, that's javascript, NOT Java. NoScript blocked it (I have it set to allow Java).

Regarding browser settings, I always found it difficult to really free up the right level of functionality from IE without leaving it wide open. Firefox and Opera are much better for that; they are intrinsically pretty secure, while still being functional, but things like scripts can be fully permitted and fully controlled.

  ade.h 22:38 24 Jun 2006

"When i move my move over the menu it highlights the complete box..."

It shouldn't happen like that. With scripts enabled, you should simply be able to click on the arrowed links to bring up their flyouts. It shouldn't highlight the whole thing.

I routinely use flyouts on navbars, though I usually set them to respond to a hover rather than a click.

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