Minor problem with house phones

  bumpkin 15:43 08 Feb 2014

Hi everyone, not a big problem but may as well ask. I have 2 phones, just basic house phones both wired. They both ring and work OK independently but if someone picks up the downstairs one they other goes dead (as if it is not plugged in) fine again once the downstairs one is finished with.

  Woolwell 18:46 09 Feb 2014

Does the problem still happen if you swop the phones over?

  bumpkin 19:16 09 Feb 2014

Nontech, caller display is free with my Talktalk broadband.

Woolwell, not tried it yet but can do, what do you think it may establish, meant as a polite question.

  bumpkin 19:49 09 Feb 2014

Wollwell, my reluctance to try it now is that the downstairs one is screwed to the wall.

  Woolwell 19:57 09 Feb 2014

Swapping the phones could enable you to see if there is a fault with one of the phones itself eg after swapping them around if the upstairs one is picked up and downstairs one now goes dead.

Alternatively can you borrow a different handset and plug it in.

  bumpkin 20:57 09 Feb 2014

I swopped them over and then could not get a dial tone on either!!! I don't know what is wrong, I will speak to a BT engineer, who is a friend and see if he can sort it next time he visits or buy some new phones but I don't want to do that and have the same problem. Thanks for your suggestions, as I say it is no real problem just annoying sometimes.

  cruiser2 13:44 10 Feb 2014

I have three normal land line phones. The master one is near my computer, there is another one upstairs in one of the bedrooms and another one downstairs near the front door. I did the internal wiring from the master socket and have not had any problems. The master socket is one of the latest NTE5 ones. I would try two different phones, with one disconnected to see if it is a fault with the socket. Have you tried ringing one phone from a mobile? Hope this helps.

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