Minor problem with house phones

  bumpkin 15:43 08 Feb 2014

Hi everyone, not a big problem but may as well ask. I have 2 phones, just basic house phones both wired. They both ring and work OK independently but if someone picks up the downstairs one they other goes dead (as if it is not plugged in) fine again once the downstairs one is finished with.

  wee eddie 15:49 08 Feb 2014

I'd have thought that that was normal, to stop someone listening in on the other line!

  bumpkin 16:02 08 Feb 2014

I would not think it is normal as I can be using the upstairs phone then someone picks up the downstairs one and they can speak to the person on the line but I am disconnected and have to go to the downstairs phone to continue the call.

  Nontek 16:06 08 Feb 2014

Do the phones have some sort of intercom system which may have been accidentally switched on?

  [DELETED] 16:09 08 Feb 2014

Is the upstairs line an extension from the downstairs master socket?

  bumpkin 16:17 08 Feb 2014

Nontech, no there is no intercom but thanks for the suggestion.

Woolwell, The upstairs one is connected to the master socket, the other an extension.

  bumpkin 16:27 09 Feb 2014


  rdave13 16:32 09 Feb 2014

All I can think of is the extension wiring not correct. Both my phones work when the two are used so you can actually have a three way conversation - to the annoyance of my partner when one of the children pick up the downstairs phone.

  spuds 16:36 09 Feb 2014

Thinking about Nontek suggestion: Do you have 'call waiting' turned on/off, because it might pay to look along those lines for an idea. Your telephone provider should be able to tell you more about this?.

  bumpkin 17:38 09 Feb 2014

rdave, that is what mine used to do but doesn't anymore, no one has touched the wiring so I am assuming something else.

Spuds, thanks for your response, I don't have "Call Waiting" just caller display.

I am wondering if this could be filter related.

  Nontek 18:32 09 Feb 2014

Hmm, Caller Display used to be free, but not now, it has to be paid for - at least with BT. Perhaps this might have something to do with it.

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