Minor problem with Audacity

  stlucia 11:49 26 Sep 2009

I'm using Audacity to record my vinyl records onto my PC. Everything's going fine, except for one small niggle:

The recording volume control slider (beneath the pushbuttons, to the right of the microphone symbol) is very touchy. Most of my recordings need to be done with it set at about 0.1, but I find it very difficult to set it -- as soon as I try to adjust it to a new setting it often snaps to the maximum setting, and when I try to drag it back to the lower end of the scale, it snaps back to maximum again.

I can eventually get it to the setting I want, and it often (but not always) retains that setting when I next use the software. But then other times it's back to the maximum setting when I switch on.

Is there any technique, or setting, to make this control's action a bit more consistent, please?

  stlucia 08:04 27 Sep 2009


  eedcam 18:21 27 Sep 2009

Why not just set the level in Audacity to Max then control the input on with windows Line level Volume control you can adjust that extremely fine.Just by clicking on the slider then using the key board Arrows .Unless of course you are using one of the Gagets and not going in on line

  stlucia 21:10 27 Sep 2009

Thanks, Marg7 and eedcam.

I hadn't thought of using Windows Line level control -- I'll give it a try.

I'll also give the audacity forum a try.

  stlucia 17:41 28 Sep 2009

... why the Audacity recording volume control is behaving erratically -- it's somehow linked to my PC's speaker volume control!

Sometimes -- and I can't figure out under what specific circumstances -- the Audacity recording volume control exactly mirrors any adjustment I make to my PC speaker volume using the volume slider that comes up when I click on the little speaker symbol at the bottom right of my screen. It doesn't happen all the time, but when the two are "linked", moving the Audacity recording volume control also causes the PC's speaker volume control to move in sympathy.

Also, if I have been able to change the speaker volume without affecting Audacity, the next time I try to alter the Audacity recording volume it initially snaps to whatever setting the PC speaker volume control is at.

So my way around the problem is (a) to use the PC speaker volume control slider to set my recording volume, and then (b) to monitor my recording through my hi-fi speakers without fiddling with the PC speaker volume.

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