Minor glitch with Win 2000 network

  Ray5776 12:05 30 Nov 2005

I have 2 win2000 machines networked with a crossover cable, the setup works fine when connected. The only snag is that if I turn off either machine when I turn back on again I have to manually re-establish the network connection by disabling the firewall and pinging from the host to the client. This has not just occured, has been like it since it was set up a few days ago. Any ideas please.


  mgmcc 23:16 30 Nov 2005

It sounds as though your firewall software hasn't been configured to allow access to local network traffic.

You disable the firewall and can run the network, but when you reboot, the firewall is re-enabled and so it blocks the network again. The firewall needs to be set so that it doesn't block the network when either PC is booted.

  Ray5776 13:54 01 Dec 2005

Thanks mgmcc, thats what it was, now fixed.


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