Minimum specs for Ubuntu

  raziel08 17:10 22 Feb 2009

Firstly i apoligize if there is already another thread with this information on.

I have just recieved a copy of ubuntu and was wondering what was the absolute minimum specs for it to run without long waits.

the computer that i intended to install it on currently has a 900mhz AMD duron processor (single), about 128 mb of ram, windows ME and its graphics card is an Nvidia Geforce 2 MX/MX 400 and a 20 GB hard drive. Is this enough to run it on?

I also have a spare motherboard with a intel celron (i think) processor which is about 2.2 Ghz and has about 314 ram on it. it has onboard graphics. I have all the driver discs for this motherboard but thats about it.

PS the PSU says that it has a maximum of 300w. what does this mean?

  woodchip 17:16 22 Feb 2009

Should run on most anything. Why not try running a Live CD first to see if you like Linux?
click here Create the Disc and boot with it. It does not load to your Hard Drive. Runs from CD and Memory on your Computer

  bremner 17:17 22 Feb 2009

Ubuntu 8.10 needs a minimum of 256MB of RAM click here

  Poitier 20:41 22 Feb 2009

There are other distos that run with a much poorer spec.see
click here
You can download a live CD to try.

  raziel08 20:46 22 Feb 2009

Thanks for all of your suggestions i will have a look at the other linux os.

  Strawballs 20:46 22 Feb 2009

Ubuntu will run direct from disc over windows without installing, I have done this on a machine with almost identical spec except it has onboard graphics

  DieSse 22:11 22 Feb 2009

Puppy Linux will run like fine. It run on less RAM and much lower speed processors in fact.

click here

  LastChip 22:13 22 Feb 2009

To be honest, you're unlikely to get any modern Linux distribution (distro) to run adequately on 128MB of RAM. Most will need at least 256MB and more often, the Ubuntu family 512MB. Yes, they will run on less, but it wont be a pleasant experience.

There are more lightweight distros about, but often you give up features that would now be considered essential for normal use and often move into the realms of a more unusual graphical user interface.

A 900mhz processor is adequate and your 2.2ghz will fly, but 314MB of RAM remains towards the bottom end. A small investment in upgrading the RAM would pay dividends and would cost a lot less than just one Windows licence!

Your 20GB hard drive is plenty big enough and the Nvidia graphics card no problem.

Don't worry about drivers, you wont need them in Linux. The distro will take care of that for you. In any case, you cannot use anything developed for Windows in a Linux environment, (there is an exception to that, but it's not relevant at the moment).

Your power supply is not relevant either. The power you need is determined by the hardware you choose to use; not the software. 300W means that is its maximum output, but what is of more importance, is what it can supply to each individual "rail". It should be adequate for the hardware you're referring to.

Hope that helps.

  raziel08 09:18 27 Mar 2009

ok thanks for that advice. Will that graphics card be ok for running the desktop effects perfectly or would it be pushing it?

  scotty 11:04 27 Mar 2009

I run Ubuntu on a 700MHz Athlon with 256MB RAM. The graphics card is ATI 9250 and I do not usedesktop effects. Firefox scrolling was not smooth when I had effects enabled. Geforce 2 MX would be unsuitable.

  raziel08 18:25 27 Mar 2009

ok thanks for that.

Is that ATI 9250 a dedicated graphics card the scotty? how old is that card if it is ?

You may all have noticed that i have started to post on this again despite it being resolved. I am now slightly closer to being able to sort out this computer and wanted some more advice.

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