Minimum requirements for xp

  nobbyhigo 16:45 15 Jan 2004

I would like to install win xp on my pc form 98se
and i dont know if it is powerful enough
it is
443 pentium
128 memory
8 hard drive with 5 left with 98 0n

  spikeychris 16:46 15 Jan 2004

You have enough.

  BBez 16:47 15 Jan 2004

home edition: click here home/evaluation/sysreqs.asp

pro edition: click here

  spikeychris 16:48 15 Jan 2004
  BBez 16:48 15 Jan 2004

great minds and all that ;)

  Kitz E Kat 19:21 15 Jan 2004

You dudes are correct in saying 128 will do the job, but i would'nt run XP on less the 256, i would recommend 512 and me ,,, i run it on 1024DDR!!!!!

Hour one , day one... load XP no problem!!! A tad slow!!
Hour two , day one... load office and some 'little'bits'!! A bit slow!!!

Hour three, day one... load printer software,and a scanner!!! A man this thing takes forever to boot up!!!!!

Hour four, day one... try to download a picture from the net and then open it .... Go make a cup of tea and do the shopping!!!!!

Hour four, day one... Load a 'small' proggie, takes forever, now your convinced there has to be a problem , cos it is SOOOOOOO slow, eight hours scanning for a virus , and no, nothin!!!!

Hour one, day two... format relaod 98 and all the stuff you had , and no problems!!!!!

Put this on your fridge, so you know what stage your at....

Good luck

  AubreyS 19:26 15 Jan 2004

128Mb is enough. I know a few people who have installed XP with 128 and no problem.

  powerless 19:28 15 Jan 2004

Trust me on this...I'm a Doctor.

XP + Feed it memory = A better eXPerience.

  VoG II 19:33 15 Jan 2004

Yep. I originally had 128 MB and XP ran fine...

...or so I thought until I upped it to 512 MB,

  spikeychris 19:38 15 Jan 2004

Said it before..say it again. I've run XP on 64Meg and it WoRkEd.

  powerless 19:47 15 Jan 2004

But not as good as it could have.

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