Minimum Memory - making DVD's

  Storik 12:23 24 Mar 2005

What is the minimum memory that should be installed to avoid problems when making DVD's, please?

Once I add music tracks and narration, the program slows down, and finally the system freezes. Just lost one completed project, even before putting it on DVD disk.

I have 1.5GB of memory - would have thought that was enough, or do you think the problem is something else?


  wednesday 13 12:33 24 Mar 2005

It doesn't sound like a memory problem to me. I don't know what could cause this. If it is a memory problem, see if there is anything you don't need or never use

  Storik 12:38 24 Mar 2005

Thanks wednesday 13.

Should have mentioned that I was using Roxio Easy Media Creator 7 - only 'cos it's nice and easy to use - and I suppose it could be some kind of limitation with the program.

Perhaps I should try another program?


  pj123 12:40 24 Mar 2005

Doesn't sound like memory to me either. I have only got 256mb memory (and 64mb of that is shared with the graphics) and I have no problem burning DVDs. What burning software are you using, I use Sonic MyDVD.

  Yoda Knight 12:41 24 Mar 2005

Try disable / close anything else thats running, including antivirus, screen savers and any power saver settings

  GroupFC 12:46 24 Mar 2005

for reference - I am having a similar problem with this program (although without system freezes!) - it seems to take an age to do anything!

I am still looking for an answer and if I find out anything I'll post back!

  TomJerry 12:51 24 Mar 2005

burning is normally quick (depend on your writer)

authoring is very slow because it needs to do encording

to aviod problems, it is better to separte these two tasks

  Storik 13:03 24 Mar 2005

Thing is, I haven't got around to burning the flipping thing yet - (oooooooo it's so frustrating!) - the program slowed down after I added the narration and then halted. I just sat there and waited, nothing happened, so I tried to save it, and got the Windows error message about the program not responding. Had to end the program and couldn't even get back to where I had last saved. Everything gone!

I have to admit, the problem could be caused by me. This is the first time I've tried to save and edit home movies on my computer.

I have edited a 1hr 15min tape from the Sony Camcorder down to 37 mins. Added music file and voice narration (there was too much microphone knock and wind noise on the original). Am I asking too much of a basic program do you think?


  GroupFC 13:18 24 Mar 2005

One thought - and I may way off here -but is it a file size problem? If you are working with .avi files they are huge (I have a seven minute clip of my sons rugby match and it is 1.8 gigs!).

It is also a bit worrying that you couldn't get back to a previously saved version.

I haven't used Roxio Easy Media Creator 7 for making movies yet (I am only up to making slideshows all be it with soundtrack, transitions and titles and credits!). I prefer to make the movies using windows MovieMaker2, save them as .avi files.

  Storik 18:59 24 Mar 2005

Well I checked the size of the file and it really isn't that big! 47.6MB.

It's probably me doing something I shouldn't.

Anyway, my old man has bought me a new program (er I hope it was a present <smile>) - "Movies on CD & DVD v.3", which he watched demonstrated on QVC (but they always make things look so very easy!) and so I will have a go with that!

Meanwhile, will leave this open for a while, just to see if anyone has an answer to Roxio problem.


  gazza38 19:35 24 Mar 2005

I think you ought to look at that file size again.
21 minutes captured from my camcorder is 4.5GB.
What file system are you using?
fat32 only has a 4GB limit,NTFS has no limit(only the size of your HDD).
I use pinnacle studio 9 plus with no problems.I have 1.5GB DDR400,P4 550 (3400) CPU,two sata 300GB HDD (both NTFS).

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