Minimum Hardware To Run

  Boc_est1986 13:45 08 Feb 2010

First of all I appologise if this is in the wrong section but as you read on you'll see why i didn't know where else to put. I'm starting a new project in which i plan to cut up my coffee table and sink a 19 inch lcd monitor into it and cover with perspex. I want to connect this to a small form PC that can stowed somewhere else in the table. The purpose of the PC will be to solely run a megadrive and snes emulator thus creating a gaming table. What would be the bare minimum hardware i would require to get this thing running

  User-312386 16:40 08 Feb 2010

Such a good idea! Can i suggest firstly that you use glass as perspex scratches really easily! You hardly need anything to run emulators, the lower the better for noise. If you look on the net for the mega drive original specs you will see that anything will surpass it!

  Boc_est1986 09:08 09 Feb 2010

i will go to glass in the future but the price of glass is 5x that of perspex. If i just use the mother board with built in graphics, ram, power supply, hdd and usb ports will it still boot or will it say components are missing?

  OTT_B 10:00 09 Feb 2010

A friend runs emulators for Amiga, SNES and the like on his Intel Atom netbook. They run with no issues. The emulator software takes more processing power than the games!

Just for nostalgia' sake, here are the specs for a SNES:

CPU: 16-bit 65816 (3.58MHz)
RAM: 128KB (1Mb), 64KB (0.5Mb) Video RAM
Graphics: Dedicated graphics processor
Colors: 32768 (256 on screen)
Sprites: 128
Sprite Size: 64x64 pixels
Resolution: 512x448 pixels
Sound: 8-channel 8-bit Sony SPC700 digitized sound

Yep. A 3.58 MEGAhertz processor! The Sega Megadrive way outclocked it with an astonshing 7.61MHz clock speed. Actually quite good fun at the time. Think I've still got a Megadrive in the loft. Might get it out :)

  OTT_B 10:03 09 Feb 2010

Don't forget cooling, particularly if it's enclosed. You'll need CPU cooler and some other method of forcing airflow over the entire system.

To keep noise and heat to a minimum you can *underclock* the processor, RAM and chipset. I do the same with my media center - the fans are able to sit at absolute minimum speed and noise.

  OTT_B 10:04 09 Feb 2010

Sorry, one more thing...can you take some pics when your done? Would love to see it!

  Boc_est1986 13:29 09 Feb 2010

thanks for the replies. Ok here's what i have so far.
2 gig ram
2.6 pentium 3 (this was taken from a gaming tower and has a huge fan and heatsync ontop of the processor.)
Power supply from above tower with built in fan
80 gig hdd (keep getting blue screen)
2 gig hdd (nothing installed yet)
Built in graphics processor
Variours LED's and switches for fun

Everything turns on and works fine except for the hdd. Not sure why one keeps blue screening as it was working fine in the pc i took it out of.

This will all be contained in an ally box with appropriatie intake for the cpu fan.

The power supply is going to be kept external so the heat from this wont affect anything. The hdd's will also be kept external in little ally cases so as not to heat anything up.

Just waiting on the jig saw to cut the table and the two megadrive like controlers that will be plugged into external usb ports poking through the side of the table.

It will be running every emulator and rom i can get my hands on.

I will write some software so that as soon as it boots it goes straight into the emulators so no keyboard and mouse will be necessary

  OTT_B 16:12 09 Feb 2010

Do you have en error code for the BSOD and what operating system?

  Boc_est1986 17:40 09 Feb 2010

i think it had a company version of 2000 as i 'borrowed' it from work. i've not had enough time to look at the codes yet but will post when i get chance

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