minimum burning speed?

  darthballs 19:03 17 Feb 2010

does anyone know wher, in the uk, i can get hold of some dvd-r discs that burn at4x speed? the only ones i can find are either the 8cm disc, or rewritables. I thought i could get other discs (ie: 16x discs and burn them slower, but the slowest they burn at is 6x. Is this my burners minimum speed, or the discs?

  tullie 19:06 17 Feb 2010

I would have thought that its the software that you use,where you set the speed?

  darthballs 19:11 17 Feb 2010

yh, i thought as much, guess if a disc says 4x, 8x etc, thats the max speed it'll burn at, and the minimum burn is just the slowest speed a burner will burn at, in this case, the slowest is 6x.

  jack 20:03 17 Feb 2010

Is the theory.
If that is what you want try another burn software.
My one of choice is

click here

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