Minimise Outlook Express

  Big Trev 21:07 02 Sep 2004

Is there a way of making Outlook Express minimise to the task bar (or whatever the thing in the bottom right hand corner with the icons in it is called)?

  Diodorus Siculus 21:09 02 Sep 2004

That is the system tray; there are some third party utilities but I don't know if they work with OE.

  Big Trev 21:17 02 Sep 2004

That's what it's called! Yes I like to have the e-mail going in the background but it looks a tad untidy in the task bar all the time. I know Mailwasher and DAP will minimise to the system tray so I wonder why Microsoft products don't if you'd like them to.

  spanneress 21:18 02 Sep 2004

Are you using Xp or 2k Pro? If the former..right click on Start, properties, select show quick launch and the icon will be there by default ( or it may be 'use classic view'..i forget right at this minute..try both) anyhoos..once you have the quick launch next to your start button you can drag and drop icons at your leasure.

W2k allows you to drag and drop the icons on to the bottom bar at will.


  Belatucadrus 21:25 02 Sep 2004

click here
Try HideOE

  Diodorus Siculus 21:26 02 Sep 2004

spanneress - but how do you get them into the system tray?

  spanneress 21:34 02 Sep 2004 you see that's just geography. My way puts the icons on the left hand side not the right, i guess there must be a way of moving them but TBH it has never bothered me which side they are on as long as they are visible...also isn't the system tray for all the processes that are running from startup?

  Big Trev 21:34 02 Sep 2004

Thanks. That did it.

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