Minidisc to PC to CD

  webbeez 22:26 01 Aug 2004

My son & daughter are semi-pro singers.Almost all of their backing tracks are on minidisc.I have leads to go from amp to pc & can play these tracks through it. Is it possible to record these on to pc and then burn them onto cd's,so they have a back up if the minidiscs get lost or damaged.Is their a software programme for this? Running XP Home,3.06 mhz pentium 4,512mb ram, Nero 5.
many thanks

  marjted 22:42 01 Aug 2004

Will the mini discs not fit in the smaller recessed slot in your PCs standard CD player and play directly from there?

What size are the discs?

  webbeez 22:53 01 Aug 2004

minidiscs are en-cased in a plastic housing (bit like a floppy)and play on a completely different player to cd's.Thanks for trying to help.

  canard 00:06 02 Aug 2004

My grandson does this. He connected the minidisc to the microphone hole on the back of the PC and played the disc and recorded it via the creative sound card recorder- saved as a WAV file then burned it onto a CD- no hassle. If you have onboard sound and not a sound card it probably wouldn't work.

  GRFT 08:18 02 Aug 2004

I've used the following method in the past using Magix recording software. First of all you require a suitable cable to connect the line out of the Minidisc deck to the line-in socket of your sound card (it shouldn't make any difference if you have onboard sound provided the necessary sockets are provided.) The line-in socket of the sound card(coloured blue) - is always the mini-stereo type, which you could also have on the Minidisc deck back panel, or maybe two separate phono connectors (left & right.) Once you have made the connections
the Minidisc is set to playback, having firstly set the PC to the Record mode. Check the that the record level is suitable for making acceptable recordings before recording for real.
Of course, if both the Minidisc and PC are equipped with SPDIF sockets then things become a little simpler with the more cumbersome analogue cable being dispensed with in favour of the neater digital cable, and you should also have higher quality recordings. But I haven't tried this method myself.

  webbeez 19:42 02 Aug 2004

thanks for the responses i'll give it a go.

  accord 20:19 02 Aug 2004

I have used Magix Audo Cleaning Lab 3.0 click here i find it easy to use and have burnt loads of CDs with it.

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