minidisc to CD

  Yeldarb 11:52 30 May 2005

sorry if repeat [posting ( I cannot find "submit button)

How can I play minidisc on PC for copying to CD via Nero ?

  Yoda Knight 12:09 30 May 2005

Plug it into your line in on your sound card

  Yeldarb 15:13 30 May 2005

Your prompt reply much appreciated Yoda ; but it is not as easy as that ---- the (big) minidisc player Sony MDS JB930 is in another part of house to computer.
What I should have made clear in my question is :-

(a) If I buy a small portable minidisc player, will it have connection capability to PC ?
or (b) Would an IPod be a good intermediate carrier ? PS I know less than nothing about iPods !!!
Hope you will reply again. Many thanks

  Yoda Knight 15:26 30 May 2005

The portable disk player with cable would be cheaper and your best bet I think.

Dont know how you would get the music onto the iPod in the first instance

  Yeldarb 15:32 30 May 2005

Those are good suggestions Yoda I'll work on thyem and let you know outcome
I am a member of Choral Society - so am always listening for new stuff on radio
Delighted with this method of communication (helpline ) Yeldarb

  pj123 15:58 30 May 2005

If your minidisc player has an earphone socket you can buy a cable (3.5mm stereo jack to 3.5mm stereo jack). Plug one end into the earphone socket and the other into your sound card "line in" socket. You will then need a programme to record on to your hard disk. A good free one is JetAudio from click here. (scroll down to the bottom and select Jetaudio 6 Basic Download.
Once it is on your hard disk just make an Audio CD via Nero.

  Colinp 17:39 30 May 2005

If you have a Creative sound card, what I do is to take the mini disk player to the computer and connect to the line in on the s/card. I then open up creative Wave Studio and then record from the mini disk player onto the HDD. Any editing can then be done. Then using Nero I can then record onto CD using the .CDA format. It sounds harder than it actually is. The longest bit is recording from disk to HDD.

  DieSse 18:11 30 May 2005

If you look for a NET-MD equipped mini-disc player, it can connect to your system via USB - comes with software for the system, and can copy across music up to 32x normal speed (it says in the blurbs).

Lots of places to look - eg click here

  GRFT 07:05 31 May 2005

By far the best way is to get your Minidisk deck to the PC and connect the analog line out sockets to the line in socket of the sound card with a suitable cable - 2x regular phono to a 2.5 mm stereo plug. The JB930 also has optical outputs, which would give even better results, but I think you would need an SPDIF input at your sound card.

  GRFT 07:07 31 May 2005

Sorry, that should be 3.5mm stereo plug.

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