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  chestnutcake 13:02 19 Mar 2012

Hi On my desktop computer this morning [Windows 7 ] I opened an email from PCAdvisor giving the latest news and I clicked on to one report saying New iPad overheating. When I did this the page that came up did not fill the screen as normal, but was a miniscule panel and the text was so tiny, it was impossible to read. Going out of that and trying to get into Google, the same situation occurs, the heading for Google is so tiny, a stamp would cover it and again, impossible to read. The same situation with any web page I click on. However, my email section is not affected, writing is normal size and legible. Please can anyone help??

  northumbria61 13:40 19 Mar 2012

Try pressing f11

  chestnutcake 14:42 19 Mar 2012

Thank Northumbria 61 - I appreciate your response. I tried pressing F11 but it did not work for me. Perhaps I should have said although I have a normal Desktop computer, with Windows 7, my keyboard is an Apple brand . Don't know if that makes a difference? So, still needing help if anyone has any more ideas.

  Woolwell 14:57 19 Mar 2012

Are you able to see the maximise button top right? If so click on it and see if the window opens fully.

Alternatively open your browser so that you have 2 versions open. If the second one opens correctly then close the first one.

Which browser are you using?

  chestnutcake 15:52 19 Mar 2012

Hi Woolwell

You cannot actually see the maximise button but by taking the mouse to the top right hand corner, it does appear and you can action it, this does marginally make the details on screen larger but still impossibly small to read anything. Obviously opening Google, you just about can read the word but when you open say a web page out of favourites, the page comes up but only fills a tiny part of the screen, the top left hand corner and the size of the page is about 10cms x 5cms - it is that small. The rest of the screen is blank. Sorry to have to admit but I do not know how to open two pages simultaneously, I just normally go into Google.

  chestnutcake 16:06 19 Mar 2012

Me again, I think I should have said Internet Explorer.

  Woolwell 16:13 19 Mar 2012

Ok drag the sides of the miniature screen to make them bigger - put your mouse on the sides or bottom right corner until you see a two way arrow and then holding the left mouse down drag to enlarge the screen.

Open a another version of IE by starting it as usual. Make it as large as you want, then close the first version

If that fails right click on the Internet Explorer icon select properties then on the shortcut tab, under run choose maximised.

  rdave13 16:14 19 Mar 2012

Try this, open IE then open another page from a link in IE. Drag this second page to the size you want, or drag it so you can maximize it. Leaving this page open, go back to the first page and close that one. Now close the second page. Open IE again and see if that works.

  rdave13 16:15 19 Mar 2012

Sorry Woolwell for cross posting. Didn't refresh.

  Woolwell 16:24 19 Mar 2012

rdave13 - we're on the same track!

  chestnutcake 16:51 19 Mar 2012

Hi again Woolwell and rDave13

Have tried all your suggestions, cannot maximise the tiny panel, not able either to drag any part of it to try to maximise. Have opened another page and exactly the same,miniature illustration, in the very top right hand corener of the screen - one of them is not even 4" x 1" , Have also right clicked on Properties in IE but it just brings up the Google miniature. Tried again but nothing in the list stating Shortcut tab or Run. Only a panel with some details about Google and at the bottom, OK Cancel Apply

A right puzzle for sure and all I initially did this morning was click on a link in the email from PCAdvisor to read the article about New iPad Overheating.

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