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  Forum Editor 07:06 03 Oct 2003

I'm interested to know if anyone has had their credit card details used fraudulently as a result of Internet use.
As you may have heard, the new (to the UK) system of using a PIN for card transactions will start to enter the market shortly, following a successful trial period in selected locations. This will only apply to 'Cardholder present' transactions however. Online (cardholder not present) transactions will continue to be based on the presentation of the cardholder's address, card number, and in some cases the securtiy number from the back of the card.

Many Credit card experts think that the PIN system will have a dramatic effect on fraud figures, and that this will lead fraudsters to concentrate more on online card use. Time will tell if they're right, but in the meantime please let us know if your card has ever been used fraudulently as a result of online use. I'm only interested in actual fraud - not the disclosure of card details in error, or other data protection slip-ups.

  [DELETED] 07:35 03 Oct 2003

Some years ago after using Amazon USA there was a small amount deducted monthly from my partner's credit card from a concern with a just a jumble of letters as a company name. At that time we were not too diligent at checking credit card statements and as the amount was only a few dollars we didn't notice it.

We were alerted to the fraud by the credit card company who phoned one Saturday to enquire if we had used the card for a transacation of $10,000 with this "xyz company inc". Obviously we said no and that's when this whole scam came to light. They had been removing $4.55 from the account for several months, I suppose to find out if we were "statement checkers" and then do "the big one".

All credit to the credit card company for bringing this to our attention. They obviously didn't pay out the $10,000 and we had all the $4.55 payments returned after the fraud investigations had been completed.

This happened in 1996. Since then we have both been checking out statements as soon as they arrived but there has been no further problem. For my own Internet credit card transactions, of which there have been many, I have had no problems at all.

As a point of interest, that purchase from Amazon got lost in transit. Six months later it eventually arived having been literally round the world as for some reason, although most of the address was correct, they had put Papua New Guinea as the country. So, in the six months of being lost it had been from country to country trying to match the reaminder of the address.

Note there was a reason for using Amazon USA rather than UK. It was an American book and the UK company couldn't supply.


  [DELETED] 07:41 03 Oct 2003

A PIN system for credit cards had been used in Europe for ten or more years. I remember when I worked there that I was unable to use my UK credit card in some places as I didn't have a valid PIN number - the one given for cashpoint withdrawals didn't work.

Is the UK method any different/better?

  [DELETED] 09:49 03 Oct 2003

I think that the chips on the cards in the UK and Europe were different technology so their card readers couldn't read our cards.

Haven't seen anything that says if you will have two pins (one for cashpoint one for transactions) or just the one. Either way it would be nice to know there would be a fall back if you forgot your Pin. Would be very embarrsing to do a big shop only to find you couldn't remember 4 numbers!

  [DELETED] 09:58 03 Oct 2003

Sir R., yes, I think you're dead right but, this PIN notion is being trumpeted as some wonder innovation in the UK. Alright, it may be a different technology to the continental one but the majority of people won't appreciate that. It makes the British seem to be backwards in technological developments just in the same way as in Minitel, which never came here, excellent as it was, the availability of broadband Internet services and much more.

  [DELETED] 11:23 03 Oct 2003

I have just received my replacement Creit Card
it's the new one with the chip embedded. I have used it and so far no Problems.

  [DELETED] 11:35 03 Oct 2003

I have no problems with chips in cards. My Barclaycards have had (redundant) chips in them for a long time. When I worked in France I did arrange with my employers that they provided me with a French Carte Bleu to save any possible embarrassment.

  Border View 11:40 03 Oct 2003

I have used my credit card shopping on the internet quite a few times over the last three years with no problems whatsoever.

The only unauthorised withdrawl was by Nauton and Barclaycard sorted it out and refunded me.

Hope this helps your survey FE.

  [DELETED] 12:57 03 Oct 2003
  [DELETED] 13:46 03 Oct 2003

Yes. One Sunday morning I picked up my credit card by mistake, [Debit card and credit card very similar in design and colour] and went to local cash machine to withdraw £50.00. I realised as I was inserting the card, it was the credit and not debit, so tapped in the correct number and amount of money. Cash advance was refused and on returning home I phoned my card company.

They informed me that purchases had been made via telephone in twelve different ares of the country in the past two weeks totalling almost four thousand pound.

They never gave a full explanation as to why they had allowed this to happen, just explained that they they knew it was not me using the card, and were waiting for me to either use the card myself for a transaction, or for my statement to arrive, [It was due that week] and then for me to contact them.

The card was a new issue and had only been used by me on two occasions, one on the internet and one at a local petrol station. I had kept both receipts. I was asked to cut the card into four pieces and return to them with a short letter confirming the transactions were not made by me, or with my knowledge.

A new card and pin number arrived in five days, with a different account number. I was not held responsible for any of the fraudulent transactions. The card company where satisfied that because the card was still in my possession, and this use had taken place between statements I would not have realised this was happening.

I have not had any problems in the past four years, even though I use it quite regular on the net. The way in which the card company dealt with the matter has given me full confidence to carry on using it without any undue worry. j.

  [DELETED] 14:30 03 Oct 2003

The PIN number will be the same one as you use in cash machines (just received new card and this info came with it). I've had no problems using my debit card in this way in Austria. I'll be glad when this system is up and running as my signature seems to fade away after about 12 months, which is the reason why I've got a new card now. I have never experienced fraud with my card (fingers crossed), only genuine errors when a payment had been cancelled but still collected. Phone calls to the bank and companies involved quickly resolved the situation.

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