Mini-PCI Wi-Fi Card with WPA2?

  Anti_Virus 13:57 07 Sep 2008

Hi. I wasn't sure whether to put this in Consumerwatch or here, but settled on here. Sorry if it's the wrong place.

Basically, does anyone know of a good, reliable Mini PCI Wireless Card that has the ability to use WPA2, for use in a laptop. So far I've only found Mini PCI Express cards that are able to do this, not Mini PCI. The closest I've found is this: click here but as you can see it isn't WPA2 compliant, ony WPA.

If anyone can help, that would be appreciated. Thanks.

  Ashrich 23:15 07 Sep 2008

Atheros wireless cards support WPA2 , but not often with the retailers drivers , but using XPsp2 or above or Vista ( which has support ) and the Atheros generic driver from click here ( Vista ) or click here ( XP ) Look at the top of the page to see that it applies to just about all of their chipsets . Personally I love these cards , I find them reliable and capable of holding a signal at great distance and good throughput .


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