Mini Laptops- any good?

  Wanderfly 19:37 25 Mar 2005

I'm just about to make my first purchase of a laptop. I'm not an exec who needs one but an airline pilot who goes to hotels and wants something decent to take with me. I'm attracted to some really small laptops like the SONY T1XP/L.
It's tiny and obviously won't have as good performance as a larger one, but for lugging round the world it would be light.
Question is are these really little things any good? Any pitfalls?

  Curio 20:08 25 Mar 2005

My son travels around the Middle East a lot and uses click here. Not a cheap bit of kit but he is more than happy with it

  Forum Editor 20:15 25 Mar 2005

and always have a laptop with me. A few years ago I bought what was then the world's smallest Pentium computer - a Toshiba Libretto - and it drew admiring glances everywhere I went. Unfortunately it didn't draw many from me, I was constantly frustrated by the fiddly keys, and by the stupid little button that operated the pointer.

Your choice is an absolute beauty by comparison. I've used one, and fell for it straight away. The midnight blue case shouts quality, and with 512Mb of RAM and a 40Gb hard drive it's well specced for its size. Pitfalls? Well, it won't be any subsitute for a desktop, but you aren't looking for that are you? The display is crisp and amazingly bright and clear, but it's small. Not small enough to slip into your pocket, but certainly small enough not to take up much room in your flight bag.

Buy it and enjoy it - you've made an excellent choice.

  Forum Editor 20:19 25 Mar 2005

Yes, another little dream machine, and about the same size and weight I think. I'll have either of them for my birthday next month, if anyone's feeling generous.

  Wanderfly 09:04 08 Apr 2005

Thanks for that, it certainly looked good in the shop but all that glitters isn't gold!

  pauldonovan 13:16 08 Apr 2005 is great but it has less power than the bigger laptops and the screen is smaller. It is like everything in life - a compromise.

I can carry it round in a laptop bag however and not even notice it is there, rather than walking with one shoulder 1 metre below the other one trying to carry one of those 3+ kg monsters!

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