mini dv troubles

  cnl 16:28 19 May 2003

Hi there,

Does anyone know what the best format would be for copying mini dv to a computer hard drive, ie what format to store it in? Is mpeg-1 any good, or should I invest in a software package that allows me to store in mpeg-2 or better? I'll be getting a firewire card but this would help me choose a package. The quality has to be very good, as close as possible to the tapes, and space is (hopefully) no object. Lastly, can movie maker be used to do this and can it burn vcds?

Thanks, any help or opinions are much appreciated.

  y_not 18:25 19 May 2003

I copy all DV as AVI files, however these are VERY large files .

This format is good for editing with, after this I encode to MPEG2 and write to SVCD...this compresses the file to a few hundred MB's.

Example - AVI file was 5.75 Gb encoded to MPEG2 reduced to 495Mb.

Once I am happy with the results I save a copy to VHS tape (just in case - albeit at a lower quality) and delete the AVI file. Any future copies are written to SVCD from the MPEG2 file (which I keep on the HDD.

For the editing I use Studio 8 which captures, edits and encodes ready for the writer to finish the job.

Hope it helps


  LAP 18:59 19 May 2003

cnl.. I'm now running win xp with this came movie maker which I updated to movie maker 2 (free) I have a firwire card and have full control over my DV camera on screen. May I suggest when you get your firewire card give movie maker a try, it won't cost you anything. It is very easy to use and will allow you to save in various formats ie 'to computer'
'web'email' 'back to DV camera' 'to CD' .Lap.

  cnl 10:26 20 May 2003

Thanks very much guys.
That really helps.
Many thanks.

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