Mini DV Camcorder wont playback. cleaned heads still wont work.

  shiftry11 22:21 08 Aug 2013

I am having prioblems recording/playing back with my camcorder... i have a JVC GR-DVL-9000, and my problem is i cannot playback my tapes that i record on this or any other mini dv camcorder. it records the date and time, but unlike most other threads when i have researched this problem, i get no picture when i fast forwarrd or rewind. i have bought a playhead cleaning tape and ran it twice to no avail.

  woodchip 18:20 09 Aug 2013

Is this on the PC, or the Camcorder, that you cannot see the video.

  shiftry11 19:33 09 Aug 2013

on the camcorder.

  woodchip 21:03 09 Aug 2013

Then you will need to take it for repair if its worth it

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