Mini-DV Camcorder - how to use

  JE-KM 00:24 12 Apr 2005


I am currently on holiday in America, and thought I would but a Mini-DV camcorder while I am here.

But when I get home to England will it work with our PAL system?

I want to be able to make DVDs without any fudd, and my laptop's DVD burner is not multi-region, just British.

I have a firewire connection, but will I be able to stream video to my laptop that it will understand, or does it just go to a Video file anyway?


  JE-KM 03:54 12 Apr 2005

fudd = fuss

  JE-KM 14:39 12 Apr 2005


  stlucia 14:51 12 Apr 2005

Just to get the ball rolling, I believe that the raw digital output from a video camera is not coded for any particular TV system, and that it only gets coded when you edit it and render it to put it onto a CD.

But please get another opinion before you buy anything.

  paddy75 14:53 12 Apr 2005

JE-KM,I don't think it will work we use the pal system here and i think America uses NTSC.Have a look at this site.Paddy click here

  Daz35 16:38 12 Apr 2005

Have a look click here

Second post down.

It only makes a difference if you want to plug the mini DV directly into a TV.

  postie 21:00 12 Apr 2005

My friend bought a mini camcorder while we were in America and has had no problems in using playback on her computer

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