Mini dv

  swanny2 23:00 24 Jan 2012

A friend bought me one of these camera/video things. Mini DV i opened in put the small disc that came with it for the driver/manual extra,but hallf way through i noticed it was all in Chinese.
then cancelled Instalation .took the disc its still in my programes but its not in add/remove,yet it keeps popping up somewhere. Id like too know if i can get a disc for this thats in English,why its in japanese ive no idea but its no good too me lol. any help appreciated please .thanks :O)

  KRONOS the First 04:59 25 Jan 2012

I am not sure how you expect to get help when you have failed to mention basic information like make and model of camera/video things???? What operating system are you using?

It is also not a good idea to stop installation half way though, I am puzzled to how you did not notice that it was all in Chinese/Japanese untill well into the installation process?

  swanny2 18:57 04 Feb 2012

try it son n u will find out .didnt thin op was that important too mention. no worries lad. tx for help. lol

  swanny2 19:04 04 Feb 2012

sorry i posted this again from my other 1 update one that is ,as i cant see where too end post as its all changed here,also when i click on my posts all i get for last hour is another window openeing sayin itunes review pc advisor trying too ad more info too my other post but because of the above mentioned i cant.

  swanny2 19:17 04 Feb 2012

there is No name on this chinese camera other than stated Mni dv,im on windows xp thanks

  swanny2 23:52 04 Feb 2012

ive been too msconfig and unchecked everythin in start up expect my Antivirus And Messenger.its doesnt seem too appear in the right hand of me screen now in thetray. the only site i got for thiis camera was,that tells me nothing in there either,all i need is some english so i can download driver and get this camera too work . cheers.

  KRONOS the First 10:25 05 Feb 2012

So you got your camera from or here Click here? You were dead lucky then.LOL

  lotvic 12:12 05 Feb 2012

Do a Google Image search for

camera video mini dv

Until make is identified don't see how anyone can help you track down an English Driver and manual for it.

  swanny2 16:03 05 Feb 2012

lol i missd the letter C of that link. i think the other link u looked at i might send the camera there .lol. Its.

  KRONOS the First 17:44 05 Feb 2012

Where did you actually get this thing from?

  swanny2 19:34 05 Feb 2012

a friend gave it too me his inlaw won it at bingo. lol . looks ok all bits n that just no idea how use it. not having instuction says i need a sd card also too use it. on box.

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