Minefield out there,share your protective shields

  Saali Chuud 23:23 13 Apr 2006

OK, have spent a fair bit of money purchasing the hardware. Now am a newbie and am exposed , don't half know what/who the enemy is out there and when and how they are going to strike and going to deprive me the joy of computing and immobilise my hardware bought with hard earned (tax paid) earnings.

Then it is off to the corner shop /high street chain and any one from the yellow pages who claim to be a computer expert who then will baffle me with science and further relieve me of more of my hard earned cash.

Now there have to be someone out there, 'Robin Hood' , good samaritan or whatever you want to call yourself.

You are 'top' man/woman, you know your computer stuff in and out, you also know where the good worththwhile 'freebies' are and probably are using them yourself. Sorry I am no big earner and cannot afford to pay £29 here, £39 there, and another £49 for another set of software which says, this protects you from A, or yes, this one protects you from X and so on.

As a person, it appears all the world diseases are hell bent on targeting you and you walk around with a suitcase full of pills/medicines and sowalling them by the bucketfuls. Everyone with some medical knowledge is selling some pill to heal you from your ill's.

Now you (the computer expert) are protected and sorted to the hilt and sleep soundly with no worries any day any time.

Please help me do same, please in an idiot proof way (guide) tell me what I should do/have to sleep as soundly as you knowing my PC is as safe and secure as yours.

I would (if I was good) share my knowledge and invest my time knowing it will help others (honest truth) and trust there are some kind souls out there who will do same.

Happy Easter Folks and peace be there on all mankind.

  johnnyrocker 23:31 13 Apr 2006

you do not say what you have already but not to worry, i run and have done for a long time with no probs is (all free)
antivirus=avg spybot adaware spywareblaster all available free at click here of course useless if not regularly updated and run.


  skidzy 23:36 13 Apr 2006

You may like to add these to Jonnyrocker's suggestions.

click here
click here
click here

All free and work well with xp

Zonealarm free version for a firewall,found here click here

  johnnyrocker 23:43 13 Apr 2006

sorry i forgot to add i do have defender and cc cleaner my apologies.


  Saali Chuud 23:43 13 Apr 2006

Wow !!!!

Johnnyrocker and skidzy ...
you are fantastic... in such a short time you all have responded with some great suggestions.. will check up all the links and advise/suggestions.

I am sure a LOT of newbies like me visting this forum will be checking up all the links/suggestions and advise that comes out of here.

Thanks and God Bless

  Saali Chuud 23:46 13 Apr 2006

Please work on the assumption that I have nothing, a brand new piece of hardware and I am ignorant

Thanks in advance to all who contribute for everything.

  johnnyrocker 23:55 13 Apr 2006

more than welcome as is all newbies.


  johnnyrocker 23:57 13 Apr 2006

having read your post again i would suggest you make the anti virus followed by firewall your first priorities.


  Belatucadrus 23:59 13 Apr 2006

You want free stuff ? click here all legal, no hacks cracks or dubious links allowed.

  skidzy 00:10 14 Apr 2006

Belatucadrus site is very good and highly recommended.Make sure you add to your favourites or bookmark the site,you never know when you need it.

As Jonnyrocker says,make sure you have an Antivirus and Firewall,make this your first downloads.

These two work well together.AVG av/Zonealarm firewall
Again both found click here

  Saali Chuud 00:14 14 Apr 2006

This is getting better by the minute, thanks folks .. keep it coming... thanks a million

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