Min video edit specs

  wallbash 10:27 04 May 2006

Yes I know the answer

Masses of Ram, huge hard drive, fastest processor
(nearly forgot... fast hard drive) more /faster equals easier

But I live in the real world, and Money is always an issue.
So wots a comfortable answer, not going on wot
Pinnacle/ulead/Adobe etc say , as there min specs normally crawl.

Cant say which editing software i will be using, that's also down to the amount in the piggy bank!

Is this question like

'how long is a bit of string '

Many thanks for any Help.

  GroupFC 10:48 04 May 2006

"Is this question like 'how long is a bit of string '" - 'fraid so!!

You have already given yourself the answer - masses of everything. I think you need to set yourself a budget and then see what you can get for the money your willing to spend!

You could have a look at these threads click here or click here or click here , which may give you some ideas (alternatively put video editing in the search box and see what come up!).

HTH (but I supect it might not - LOL!)

  wallbash 11:04 04 May 2006

Supplementary question then about my 'bit of string'
To those 'editor' readers, what was the level of equipment you had, at which you could edit a video WITHOUT becoming completely frustrated.


Pinnacle studio 10+ with 1 gig of ram and it worked ok, I have just increased the ram to 2gig and it is flying along now.


1 GB of RAM should be fine, for video editing you need processing power.

Thanks for the these postings

1 gig of Ram looks like the very min
now wot about the processor???

  gudgulf 11:19 04 May 2006

Pentium 4 cpus normally have the edge for video encoding....but you need the fastest you can afford.

The 6xx series are the best performers in the p4 single core series and the D9xx series are particularly good value dual core processors.

Look at click here for an indication of pricing.

Anything at 3.2GHz and above should do....but the faster the better.

One other thing you should consider for video editing is setting up two hard drives in a RAID0 array........favoured by gamers but in reality the real advantage comes when shifting large video files around.

  stlucia 13:35 04 May 2006

I agree with "the faster the better ...". But just to put things into perspective, I download and edit full-quality (i.e. not preview quality) video from my DV camera using an Athlon 600Mhz processor and 256Mb of RAM, and Pinnacle Studio DV, with no perceived speed problem.

The only time I could do with extra speed is when I go to "render" the edited movie into MPEG2 format prior to burning it to DVD. That takes about 8 hours for an hour of finished movie, but I can leave my PC and go and do other things so it's not a real problem.

I could not agree more with what stlucia has said.

I used to do it on a Pentium 200MMX with 64MB of RAM. Took ages mind you.

You dont mention what your specs are and what your end source will be.

You need to look carefully at the software you are going to use - for example Sony Vegas Studio - see what it recommends and download the trial. See how it runs on your PC. You would need to practice good sense when editing, disconnect from the internet, shutdown every running task you can. Try and install asecond hard drive dedicated to video work ( for capturing to).

It doesnt really matter how fast your PC is in a sense. Mine is a P4 2.8 HT 800 FSB and 1 GB DDR400 Ram. An hours video encoded to high quality MP2 will take just over an hour. I do not intend to watch this happen, so I will go and do something else.

Get as much RAM (within reason) if your running 98 then dont bother with more that 512MB. Dedicated second hard drive, and providing everything else is fair your off.

  wallbash 18:14 04 May 2006

Will continue with Win XP ( I can dream of Vista)

Down loading trial software is a brilliant idea, try it out!

So for the moment , will budget for a large Ram increase and to add another H/D

Again many thanks

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