Min Max pagefile settings

  sinbad1 14:42 07 Jun 2005

Just added 512mb of ram to my xp home Mesh computer to make 1024mb total.

I am a little confused as to the min/max ideal settings.MS suggest 1.5x amount of ram for min and 2x min for max.

So far i've found conflicting veiws on what the values should.

Would appreciate your veiws and comments.


  dan11 15:07 07 Jun 2005

With 1 gig of ram, you should not need much paging file, if any.

I personally would have a page file of 1000Mb min and 1000Mb max for that amount of ram, just in case.

If you have a slave drive or partition on the main hard drive, I would move it to there. You will probably not notice the slightest difference, with 1 gig of ram, over normal running.

It's just if you do have a paging/swap file. It's better off the main "C" drive and at a fixed size. This will stop the swap file shrinking and expanding, when running. It will also cut down on the fragmentation of files on the "C" drive.

  sinbad1 16:28 07 Jun 2005


thanks for your response, i have a 20gig hard drive
'c' and a second hard drive 120gig partitioned D,E,F

can i alocate any of the partitioned drives for page filing and stop page filing on 'c' drive?


  sinbad1 16:36 07 Jun 2005

I have set min/max to 1000mb as you recomended
virrtual memory on all drives shows 2535mb why is this?

  dan11 18:09 07 Jun 2005

You just have to set the page file for one partition of the slave drive.

Say you want the page file to be placed on the "F" partition. Mine is "I"

Go to the advanced section of system properties and select the performance tab, then advanced. Open the virtual memory. Select the "F" drive and custom size. Enter 1000 and 1000 in the min and max boxes. Click set.click here

Then highlight the "C" drive and open it. Then pick no paging file for this. Then pick set.

The "F" drive should be the only one listed with a page file. Ok and OK. It will ask for a reboot.

When rebooted, it should just have the 1gig page file for the "F" drive.

Choose either D, E or F for the page file, but only one.

  sinbad1 19:11 07 Jun 2005


thanks for that have made D partition as page file with max/min at 1000 and stopped p/f on C.

see how it goes, don't think there will be any problems. I do use memory gobbling programs like psp and video editing software, thats one of the reasons for the upgrade; however sure it will cope.

thanks again


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