MIMO routers - worth waiting for?

  scotty 09:13 30 Jun 2005

Came across this device from Linksys click here

From the reviews it appears to offer may benefits over standard 802.11g devices. Operating range is increased and speed is increased. It is using technology to be adopted by the upcoming 802.11n standard.

I have not seen an equivalent device that incorporates an ADSL modem but I am sure these will appear soon.

Does anyone know if an ADSL device with MIMO is available yet?

Does anyone know about this technology and if lives up to the advertising blurb?

  BH34 11:09 30 Jun 2005

Have a look here to click here

  Forum Editor 17:34 30 Jun 2005

and Belkin MIMO network cards in conjunction with a D-Link Ethernet ADSL modem on my wireless network for some time now, and performance is superb. Range is much extended, and speed is excellent.

I had a bit of a tussle with both the modem and router having an inbuilt DCHP server (you can only have one DCHP server on a network, but once I got that sorted out all was well.

  scotty 08:40 01 Jul 2005

Everything I read suggests that there are real benefits with MIMO technology. Downside is that there may be compatability problems in the future as the existing implementations of MIMO may not be compatable with 802.11n when it is introduced next year. As these devices work with standard 802.11g hardware too, I guess the worst outcome of incompatability would be that if in the future I added 802.11n hardware, the pre-n hardware would still work as an 802.11g compatible device.

  scotty 11:06 02 Aug 2005

I bought the Belkin Pre-N router and an ADSL modem and after an initial struggle have the system working. I am very happy with the performance - strong signal and fast data transfer through two walls and a floor. Some tips for anyone taking the same approach:

1) As FE mentioned above, disable DCHP on either the modem or the wireless router (I disable DCHP on the modem).

2) User manual for Belkin Pre-N states that you can restore factory settings by pressing reset button for 10 seconds while unit is switched on. Correct method is to press reset button while you switch on the unit.

3) Belkin offer free telephone support which appears professional and I believe will help sort out most setup problems but unfortunately not mine! My problems appear to have been caused by changing and saving a fixed (but unknown) IP address on the wireless router. This meant that I was unable to enter the browser setup interface to make changes. Following the manual's instructions I thought I was resetting the unit but this was not happening. Having found the correct reset procedure by searching with Google I was able to communicate with the device again and quickly managed to complete the setup.

4) Belkin helpline do not accept that the Pre-N is suitable for use with ADSL (something about ADSL using PPPoA and cable using PPPoE???) but I have read of many people doing so. Th helpline were reluctant to offer assistance to setup with ADSL (I had to say I wanted to use it as a wireless access point to continue a conversation with them).

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