281apple 07:38 20 Nov 2004

I sent a 3.3MB video as an attachment from my Tiscali address to my Tiscali address and the same attachment to my Yahoo address. My Tiscali address using Outlook Express sent the attachment and later I picked it up with no problem. The problem is with my Yahoo address which downloaded the video in a MIME format which means there is nothing but a lot of scrabbling of letters and no video at all.
If I remember correctly, MIME is a McIntosh configuration but I'm not sure.
Any suggestions on how to handle it?

  jack 09:08 20 Nov 2004

Morning Ray
MIME is an MS configuration OK buy bthe Yahoo address is of course WEB mail - intented I beleive for simple text, any thing complicated and it will scramble.
but look oyr for mor definitive ansers from those that know.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:58 20 Nov 2004

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