migrating w10 from hdd to ssd, problems

  rickf 16:41 29 Nov 2018

Hi Spent a few hours trying to do the above using acronis true image boot cd. Have set 1st boot to my dvd/cd rom drive. SSD has been initialised and seen in disk management as healthy drive E. SSd attached to pc internally. On rebooting, acronis does not boot up for me to use. Instead the pc boots to wins 10 as per normal. What have I done wrong if any? Thanks in advance for help.

  med220 17:27 29 Nov 2018

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  lotvic 17:41 29 Nov 2018

Spam from med220. FE notified

  rickf 20:25 29 Nov 2018


  Flat Earther 01:01 30 Nov 2018

"I'm puzzled why you need to clone the drive outside of Windows but that's possibly the way Acronis works?"

Indeed, if Acronis is installed you go through the steps of selecting source and destination, then it will ask to reboot to perform the operation, it might be worth the OP considering that approach.

  rickf 09:11 30 Nov 2018

Thanks for replies so far. Have managed to get it working, I have not tried restarting with the ssd yet but will do so later after swapping the drives round. During the cloning process there were certain files that could not be copied over, so just clicked ignore, hope that is normal. Will feedback later after using the ssd as c drive.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:19 30 Nov 2018

Never got on with cloning

I normally make an image and restore that to the new drive.

  rickf 15:42 30 Nov 2018

All up and running, zips along like lightning. Very happy. Thanks for feedbacks all.

  AroundAgain 21:07 30 Nov 2018

Well done, Rickf

I've just swapped Hard drive for SSD but used Macrium Reflect and cloned the Hard drive to SSD, then swapped drives over. Worked a treat.

So pleasing, isn't it, when the PC runs well again :)

  rickf 10:23 01 Dec 2018

Advantage of acronis over macrium is that the ssd does not have to be the same size or larger than the source disc. Anyway, I agree its great. As I said it zips along like hussain bolt. Will do my other pc and laptop soon.

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