Migrating from old to new PC

  Pathologist 18:18 13 Feb 2014

I need to change my computer. My current one runs Windows 7 professional. My new on will, I expect, come with Windows 8. Apart from masses of data, some photos, etc, my old PC has lots of other programs installed. I'd like to migrate the lot, programs, data, etc from my old PC to my potential new one. I have been told of two programs that are supposed to do this with minimal fuss - zinstall and laplink. Does anyone have experience of doing this? Thanks

  Ian in Northampton 18:31 13 Feb 2014

I really don't think you can do what you want to. You can easily enough copy data from one PC to another, but each program you have installed on your old PC will need to be reinstalled on your new PC, using either the original software disks or redownloading the software from the web.

That said... I just looked at the zinstall site - I'd never heard of zinstall before - and if they can really do that, it's very impressive. It doesn't look cheap, though. I'd check online for some reviews first.

  rdave13 19:04 13 Feb 2014

Agree with Ian in Northampton, your installed programs/software won't work. Registry will be wrong on the new PC.

Zinstall looks to be an expensive data transfer utility only.

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  Pathologist 10:36 14 Feb 2014

Many thanks for your helpful replies. It looks as if I'll have to do the program installations the 'hard way'!

  Ian in Northampton 10:53 14 Feb 2014

Pathologist: for all the 'stuff' you'll end up downloading from t'internet - Chrome, Adobe Reader, iTunes, IrfanView etc. etc. - I can't recommend www.ninite.com highly enough. It automatically downloads and installs everything you choose, latest versions, no crap, and completely unattended. It's saved me hours.

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