Migrate files and settings using old internal HDD

  a beginner 22:45 28 Mar 2010

Hi All,

Really hoping that some of you experts can help out with this one!

My old XP PC has been giving me problems recently, frequent crashes and slow performance. I have, today, been out and purchased a new Windows 7 PC.

After looking at the forums I decided to use the Easy Transfer Wizard over Ethernet method. All was going well until my old PC crashed half way through the transfer. Thus I had to start over, again, my old PC died half way through.

Now I know that it is possible to mount my old internal hdd in my new PC as an additional drive. However, I was wondering if it is possible then to run the Transfer wizard from my old HDD to the new one within the same PC? I realise that I could manually copy the data and config files between drives but was hoping that the Wizard can handle this situation. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Many Thanks in advance,

  howard64 12:43 29 Mar 2010

your old pc may be overheating due to build up of dust and fluff inside. It would probably be useful to open it up and have a good clean out. I would be very careful about transferring too much from the old to the new. I would simply copy over my stuff from my documents. Install all your old progs, that you want, on the new pc using your original disks. This will keep out a lot of the old crud that will have built up over the years on the old pc.

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