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  steve263000 16:18 20 Oct 2005

Good day all, I have a problem with midi music that I need your expertise on. I have a important project coming up where I need to create a photo CD for viewing on a DVD player. This has to also contain a piece of music. So far so good,as I have HP memories disc creator, and I have found the peice of music that is required.

Now the problem. HP disc creator will let me browse for my own music, and only requires wav music. The music that I have is saved in the Windows midi format, and when I try to "save as" will only save as "all files". How can I get it to save as wav? Have I made any sense?

I have time my side, and I don't care if I have to use another program to create the file as long as I can create this very important disc that will be the results of someones wedding photos.

  Monoux 16:30 20 Oct 2005
  GroupFC 16:53 20 Oct 2005

I'll keep an eye on this if you don't mind as it is something I am interested in doing!

What I have been doing so far, is playing the .midi file and using the mic. to record the output from the speakers. The problem with this is that I get a lot of extra sound/hiss, which I then have to try and clean up using wave editor. I have looked for a midi to wav converter (admittedly only freeware!) without any success!

  Monoux 17:39 20 Oct 2005

try here ttp://click here scroll down a bit to find the free ones

  Monoux 17:40 20 Oct 2005

Sorry that link should be click here

  steve263000 06:51 22 Oct 2005

This is probably a stupid question, but I know have found a way to change the files into wav. I have nero smart start.( I never use it, and it is my sons program). However, When I loaded the file, a message came up to say that Windows wav files could not be changed. If it is a wav file, and HP disc creator will only play wav files, then why will not HP recognise the fact?

Any more suggestions would be welcomed. I am OK with photos, but the audio side is getting me baffled.

  Peverelli 16:48 22 Oct 2005

IF you have an Audigy sound card then it has a "Record what you hear" facility. You could use that facility to record the midi file onto your HD while it is playing. This can be saved as a wav file. I don't know if other cards have this option but it's worth checking.

  steve263000 09:56 23 Oct 2005

Thanks to all that responded, but I seem to have the problem solved with Nero smart start. As I said I have never used it, but when I played around, I found that I could make a VCD and add mp3 music as well as special effects. Just what I wanted. So the answer was at home after all! Anyway thank you anyway for responding.

  Peverelli 15:02 23 Oct 2005

Glad you got there one way or the other steve263000 ;-)

For the benefit of GroupFC; you could get a better quality recording if you connect the PC's line out to a tape recorder's line in and record the sound to tape (or to minidisc, if you have one). Then, by connecting the recorder's line out (or headphone socket)to the PC's line in, record it to your HD. This method will exclude outside noises and will create much less hiss, although it will take twice as long to record.

  GroupFC 19:46 25 Oct 2005

Peverelli - Thanks for that but for what I want to do the amount of time involved isn't worth it!

I have since discovered how to do it using the s/ware that came with my sound card (Creative), so at least I don't have to use the mic. anymore!

Monoux, thanks for your links - I downloaded MIDInight Express II, but it was to complicated for me! I also had a look at MIDI to WAV, which although not freeware looks as if it could do the job if I had enough files to convert to justify buying it!

  joyringtone 14:53 31 May 2006

Try the Joy RingTone Converter:

click here

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