Midi files

  apollogeemark 20:15 18 Sep 2004

Hi Im wanting to load some music onto my homepage but it says midi files only.

Does anyone know of a converter from MP3,or the files that are saved when you copy from a disc to your hardrive, cant remember what there called WMP i think.


  ligeti 20:46 18 Sep 2004

Hi, what sort of files are you wanting on your homepage - mp3, wav?
Do you want them to be played automatically when the homepage opens or are they for playing back/downloading manualy?
which html editor are you using?
You could maybe try hand coding or pasteing in some code(A HREF="music.mp3"...) that would for example play an mp3 when clicked?

  apollogeemark 21:05 18 Sep 2004

They have to be midi Thats all the site will upload.
Not sure if they wil play automatically, new to this

  ligeti 11:51 19 Sep 2004

Could it be that your service provider doesnt allow mp3's, wav's etc on thier server? Some don't, have had this problem in the past, check their terms and conditions. Are you using free webspace?

  apollogeemark 15:11 19 Sep 2004

Hi Yes they wil only low these files as it a free website

  ligeti 19:40 19 Sep 2004

hi,Could be worth looking for another free service, wanadoo is worth having a look at, though they will not let you upload a file more than 2mb.

  scooby43 14:43 20 Sep 2004

<bgsound="....." loop="false" autostart="true" volume="50"> </bgsound>



<embed="....." loop="false" autostart="true" volume="50" width="50" height="50"> </embed>

  Peverelli 17:36 28 Sep 2004

Converting mp3 to midi is almost impossible to do.
click here

  Taran 17:54 28 Sep 2004

Click Start, Programs, Accessories, Entertainment, Sound Recorder. This is the Windows own built in sound recorder and you can choose the sampling rates and whatnot for your end product (which denotes the sound quality and file size).

While playing your MP3 in Media Player (or whatever program you prefer) use the Sound Recorder to record the snippets you want as midi files. The results are often quite grainy though and you'll need to fool about with all kinds of settings and device options to get things working to a useful degree.

If you have Nero CD burning software look at the Nero Wave Editor. This is a nice tool that can pull snippets out of tracks and save/export from and to a lot of formats. I suggest you consider starting with CDA (CD Audio) tracks rather than fool around with MP3.

In fact, I strongly suggest that you ditch the idea completely. Sound on a web page is one of those things you either love or hate. Most web designers (and website visitors) hate it for a number of very good reasons. Page load speed, accessibility issues, cross-browser compatability issues, general annoyance at the fact you are forced to listen to music whether you want to or not and whether you happen to like the particluar track or not.... The list goes on.

Anyway, check out your burning software for a simple audio tool but don't try using an MP3 as your base of operations. Other formats are easier to word with when attempting to get midi as an end file format.

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