In the middle of building my first PC- Help!!!

  cragulas 22:45 17 Mar 2005

Well Ive bin & gone & done it.
Bought all the stuff for a new tower- well the best I could afford for the meantime.
Started assembly last night.
Asrock K8 Upgrade 760GX, Liteon DVD writer,160GB maxtor Sata HDD,512MB RAM, Mitsumi FDD with built in 7 in one card reader all in a silver Advance 888 case. No instructions with case or FDD/card reader. Problems:-
1. The ribbon cable will plug into FDD either way round. Mitsumi website no good for manual- can I cause damage if I get it wrong?(ribbon cable has a twist in it & Red stripe is on pin 1 side on motherboard).
2.FDD has what appears to be a permanently wired in cable with a connector on the end which appears to plug into a spare USB header on the M/B
is this correct? Ipresume this is for the card readers.
3.Advance case has a cable from the front panel with 9 cores on individual pins, +12V, +12v,GND,TPBC+,TPBC-,GND,TPAC+,TPAC-,GND. Cant find a suitable spot on the M/B to connect-any ideas what these are? (Ive already connected the audio & 2 USB ports together with off/reset/2 x LED`s.
4. A 3 pin cable appearing to come from the LED display on the case front appears to connect to the case fan. Is this for auto temp control of the fan? or should the case fan be permanently powered ?

Thanks in advance- not even got as far as partioning & loading windows XP home Yet- but just want to avoid any mishaps!

  The Spires 23:28 17 Mar 2005

The floppy cable power cable goes the opposite way around to the IDE leads as in colours left to right. Getting it the wrong way around can cause a loud hum to emanate from the floppy drive & thereafter the drive is of use for ornamental purposes only.

  EdFrench 23:34 17 Mar 2005

The rule I was taught when doing my training was that the red stripe went nearest to the power terminal. (Or to pin 1)

  EdFrench 23:35 17 Mar 2005

Split (Twist) goes to the FDD side.

  EdFrench 23:36 17 Mar 2005

Perhaps I should have said FDD [END]

  josie mayhem 23:47 17 Mar 2005

If you have usb on the fron panel, then you nine core wires will connect upto one of the usb headers, in which order I'm not 100% sure now, but this is how I connected my front usb's on my mobo.

concerning the led on the front of the case are you sure that they/it is for the fans, or is it the connection to show activty of the hdd?

  cragulas 23:50 17 Mar 2005

The problem I have at the FDD end is knowing which is pin 1.

  cragulas 23:52 17 Mar 2005

Josie- Ive already connected up the USB headers & LED`s for the HDD & Power- this is another cable- maybe for some sort of gaming socket?
Theres a socket on the front I dont recognise.

  cragulas 23:57 17 Mar 2005

Josie -could be a firewire socket & I think my moterboard doesnt support that directly?

  josie mayhem 00:04 18 Mar 2005

what tower case do you have?
On my tower I have usb firwire sound card an gaming parrrell port (can't think of it's name at the moment) two fan controls.

the connection for these are, the fan controls connect to a separate blocktowards the right of the case away from the mother board. the usb can be connected to the usb headeers on the motherboar, but this does mean that you loose some from the back (this connects with separate connectors and not in a normal block)

The sound and firewire runs throught the case to a back bracket, and then there is another lead that connects to the firewire and sound card at the back (the soundcard on my mobo need to have it's jumpers set so sound is via the front panel) this also connects to the smaller paralle port (knowen as the gaming port)

If you can give an make of the case and if it has a web adresss to it, might help with working out what goes where.

  EdFrench 00:05 18 Mar 2005

Pin 1 on the floppy is the one closest to the power socket.

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