Microsoft.NET Framework Advice!

  betina 15:12 13 Jun 2007

Hi guy's
Would love some expert advice regarding Microsoft.NET Framework!!!! Having just downloaded the latest Windows updates today, i took it upon myself to do a custom scan and was informed of an optional update of Microsoft.Net Framework 3.0:x 86, my PC has the following already installed in ADD/REMOVE, Microsoft.NET Framework 1.1, Microsoft.NET framework 1.1. Hotfix (KB 886903) and Microsoft.NET framework 2. My issue is can i uninstall the "Microsoft. NET already installed in my pc to make way for the latest version as i am not to sure if its ok to do so lol!!! and what exactly does this software do in laymans terms, idiot version would be appreciated lol!!!!!. I would be very gratefull for your help, i seem to learn so much here on this forum and have been given some great links in the past, so keep up the good work guy's us idiots need you lol!!!

Have a nice one!

  brundle 15:39 13 Jun 2007

Not expert response just a google search, this may be of use; click here

It appears that 3.0 requires 2.0, if you have 2.0 you don't need 1.1

  ventanas 15:39 13 Jun 2007

.Net is a programming language. Programs written in this language require the framework to be installed in order to run. Over time programs have been written for version 1.1; 2 and 3, so don't remove any of them. Programs written for version 1.1 won't run under version 2 etc...etc...

  betina 16:21 13 Jun 2007

Hi guy's
Well chuffed just exactly what i needed to know, will leave well alone, was just having a (cleanout gettting rid of old unused progs etc,) and upgrading my software to all the latest versions, getting a bit click happy lol!!!! very gratefull for the super speedy response. Have a huge hug!!

TaTa Betina

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