Microsoft XP Security Updates / Downloads.

  dezi 02:25 13 Aug 2004

I keep getting an annoying list pop-up on my monitor 'Updates for Your Computer' .
So far I do not think any have been download, very unsure about that!?
There are 12 or more of these 'SECURITY ...' on the list and most seem to read the same but have different numbers.
I am afraid they might slow down my computer ... or worse if I give the OK.
I have a good firewall and anti-virus prog active.
Any help will be appreciated.

  Djohn 03:15 13 Aug 2004

The updates from Microsoft will [should] not have any slowing down effect on your PC. There have been the odd couple in the past that caused a problem but these were soon updated and it was easy to remove the problem ones from your control panel, each one is shown up separate in there as a "Hotfix" with a KB number.

You can connect direct to the update site from clicking on the bubble or from Start/All programs and look to the top of the list were you will see the "Windows update" link. Once you are on the site Microsoft will scan your system and inform you of any Security updates and other fixes that your PC needs as well.

I would say go ahead and download/install the security ones, decide for yourself if you need the others. You are given the choice to tick which ones you want or leave as recommended and let the auto download do the work for you and install them as well. I Personally install all the updates, no problems so far. Hope this helps. j.

  CurlyWhirly 14:56 13 Aug 2004

I was just wondering if in your opinion it was advisable to download and install the following Microsoft Security patch namely 'KB 823353 - Security update for Outlook Express'?

I don't actually use Outlook Express as I use AOL's own e-mail client so I was wondering if I am at risk even if I don't use the program that the patch was designed to 'plug' the security hole with?
Any advice?

  CurlyWhirly 14:58 13 Aug 2004

p.s. ALL other Microsoft patches are installed EXCEPT THIS ONE.

  dezi 23:01 13 Aug 2004

Thanks for the info Djohn.

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